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Old 03-09-2009
Print Queue Montior

I am very new to scripting could use some assistance polishing up my script. I have had issues with a print queue going down and needing some TLC to get it going again, however currently I have to wait for a user to complain about the issue. I have written a little script to monitor the print queue and email me when a queue is not in a READY state.

while true;do lpstat -W|sed '1,2d'| awk '{ if ($3 != "READY") {print $1 " is having issues"}}'|mail -s "Printer Issue";sleep 30;done

I'm sure most of you can point out that all results are being passed onto mail and I receive emails every 30 seconds. I have been trying to understand the syntax so only positive hits are sent to mail however I have extended my scripting abilities.

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CHECKBASHISMS(1)                                              General Commands Manual                                             CHECKBASHISMS(1)

checkbashisms - check for bashisms in /bin/sh scripts SYNOPSIS
checkbashisms script ... checkbashisms --help|--version DESCRIPTION
checkbashisms, based on one of the checks from the lintian system, performs basic checks on /bin/sh shell scripts for the possible presence of bashisms. It takes the names of the shell scripts on the command line, and outputs warnings if possible bashisms are detected. Note that the definition of a bashism in this context roughly equates to "a shell feature that is not required to be supported by POSIX"; this means that some issues flagged may be permitted under optional sections of POSIX, such as XSI or User Portability. In cases where POSIX and Debian Policy disagree, checkbashisms by default allows extensions permitted by Policy but may also provide options for stricter checking. OPTIONS
--help, -h Show a summary of options. --newline, -n Check for "echo -n" usage (non POSIX but required by Debian Policy 10.4.) --posix, -p Check for issues which are non POSIX but required to be supported by Debian Policy 10.4 (implies -n). --force, -f Force each script to be checked, even if it would normally not be (for instance, it has a bash or non POSIX shell shebang or appears to be a shell wrapper). --extra, -x Highlight lines which, whilst they do not contain bashisms, may be useful in determining whether a particular issue is a false posi- tive which may be ignored. For example, the use of "$BASH_ENV" may be preceded by checking whether "$BASH" is set. --version, -v Show version and copyright information. EXIT VALUES
The exit value will be 0 if no possible bashisms or other problems were detected. Otherwise it will be the sum of the following error val- ues: 1 A possible bashism was detected. 2 A file was skipped for some reason, for example, because it was unreadable or not found. The warning message will give details. SEE ALSO
lintian(1). AUTHOR
checkbashisms was originally written as a shell script by Yann Dirson <> and rewritten in Perl with many more features by Julian Gilbey <>. DEBIAN Debian Utilities CHECKBASHISMS(1)

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