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ShellScript that emails you size of dir

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ShellScript that emails you size of dir

I have this so far:



if [ "du -sm $FOLDER | cut -f 1" > "50" ] ; then
echo "$FOLDER too big" | /usr/sbin/sendmail $MAILADRES
echo "test";

But i need to figure out how to have it search all the users on the system and then find there email address to email them if they have one.
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You can start with something like this.

Of course this script need to be run with sudo or under root


USERID_BOUNDARY=1000 # normaly regular userid start at a certain number, low userid habitualy are reserved for the system and applications

while read username two userid groupid five homedir rest
    if [ "$userid" -gt "$USERID_BOUNDARY" ] ; then
       if [ "du -sm $homedir | cut -f 1" > "$MAXSIZE" ] ; then
           echo "$homedir too big" | /usr/sbin/sendmail $MAILADRES
           echo "test";
done < /etc/passwd

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Or you can try checking Quota

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