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Bug nested functions search

I want to write a shell script which traverses a cpp file.

Suppose there is function fncn_name6 .. which is called by fncn_name5
which in turn called by fncn_name4 and so on .. in a single cpp class.



so fncn_name1 is calling function for fncn_name2, fncn_name2 for fncn_name 3 and so on ..

I need to get this flow ... which fncn calls whom....

Please help me wid ur suggestions

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sessions.(3) Library Functions Manual RTP sessions.(3) NAME
RTP sessions. - Classes class TRTPSessionBase< RTPDataChannel, RTCPChannel, ServiceQueue > class SingleThreadRTPSession< RTPDataChannel, RTCPChannel, ServiceQueue > This template class adds the threading aspect to the RTPSessionBase template in one of the many possible ways. class RTPSessionBase Generic RTP protocol stack for exchange of realtime data. Typedefs typedef SingleThreadRTPSession RTPSession Uses two pairs of sockets for RTP data and RTCP transmission/reception. typedef RTPSession RTPSocket Alias for RTPSession. typedef SingleThreadRTPSession < SymmetricRTPChannel, SymmetricRTPChannel > SymmetricRTPSession" Uses one pair of sockets, (1) for RTP data and (2) for RTCP transmission/reception. Detailed Description Typedef Documentation RTPSession Uses two pairs of sockets for RTP data and RTCP transmission/reception. UDP/IPv4 RTP Session scheduled by one thread of execution. Examples: audiorx.cpp, audiotx.cpp, ccrtptest.cpp, rtphello.cpp, rtplisten.cpp, and rtpsend.cpp. RTPSocket Alias for RTPSession. SymmetricRTPSession Uses one pair of sockets, (1) for RTP data and (2) for RTCP transmission/reception. Symmetric UDP/IPv4 RTP session scheduled by one thread of execution. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for ccRTP from the source code. ccRTP Sat Jun 23 2012 RTP sessions.(3)

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