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Have several text files and want to merge into a single

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Have several text files and want to merge into a single
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Have several text files and want to merge into a single


I have several files that begin with db. in my directory and I would like to first take it from a specific word starting from $TTL until the end of the contents then do the same all the way down the directory then merge them into one txt file.

Is this possible? I am using cygwin with perl installed and a slew of other add-ons


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start with this -
for filename in db*
      sed -n '/\$TTL/,$p'  $filename
done  > newfile

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Or maybe this:
 awk ' FNR == 1 {flag = 0} /\$TTL/ {flag = 1} flag' db* > newFile

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Awesome !

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HI, a real quick question, how about same senerio but all contents after 17 lines down


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