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awk/nawk question to format a file

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Old 03-01-2009
awk/nawk question to format a file


I am new to awk/nawk, needs help.

I want to merge the rows having emplid attribute same into a single row in the following file. In actual this kind of file will have around 50k rows.

Here is my input file


If we see closly,lines 1 & 3 (as 001234 matches) are same but dep has different values.
I want to merge 1 & 3 lines into one line like following

1|001234|test|1001 1020|1

Essentially I am trying to combine the rows and attribute dep where emplid is same or matching in another row(s).

Can you pl. help me how can I do in awk/nawk.

Please don't hesitate to ask if it needs more explanation.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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Old 03-01-2009
There're plenty of similar threads - please use the 'Search' function first.
Please do come back if you have specific implementation question.
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Old 03-01-2009
hi , seems perl is a little bit easier to address your issue.
use strict;
my ($n,%hash)=(1);
open FH,"<a.txt";
	my @tmp=split("[|]",$_);
	if ( not exists $hash{$tmp[1]}){
		my @t=split("[|]",$hash{$tmp[1]}->{VAL});
		my $pre=join "|",@t[0..2];
		my $mid=$t[3]." ".$tmp[3];
		my $post=$t[4];
close FH;
for my $key (sort { $hash{$a}->{SEQ} <=> $hash{$b}->{SEQ} } keys %hash){
	print $hash{$key}->{SEQ}."|".substr($hash{$key}->{VAL},index($hash{$key}->{VAL},"|")+1),"\n";

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Old 03-02-2009
Thank you for your valuable inputs. I 'll try the scripts. regards
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Old 03-03-2009
Hello Summer Cherry,

Its really a great help!! Appreciate from my heart. You are great !!

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Old 03-03-2009
Don't know about performance but awk solution seems more terse than perl:
awk -F'|' '{a[$2] = a[$2] " " $4} END {for (i in a) {nb += 1; print nb, i, a[i]}}' file

Although id numbering may not be what you expect.
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Old 03-03-2009
Another approach:

awk -F "|" '
NR==FNR{a[$2]=a[$2]?a[$2]" "$4:$4;next}
' OFS="|" file file


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