Exclude Certain Entries from Piped or Redirected Output?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Exclude Certain Entries from Piped or Redirected Output?
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Exclude Certain Entries from Piped or Redirected Output?

I want to execute a command something like:

find / -name "jni.h"

and I want to direct the output of that command to some type of
filter that will leave out all the lines reporting inaccessible
directories (permission unavailable). Is this a pipe or a redirect?

For example, output like the below is not useful to me:

$ find / -name "jni.h"
find: /.fseventsd: Permission denied
find: /.Spotlight-V100: Permission denied
find: /.Trashes: Permission denied

I have been looking over awk, sed, grep and the like to no avail.

I know this is possible. I did it years ago when I worked in
a command line development environment but I'm having trouble
finding it again.
# 2  
Redirect the output of stderr to /dev/null

find / -name "jni.h" 2>/dev/null

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