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how to calculate netwrk from IP address and netmask using Bitwise AND in shell script

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting how to calculate netwrk from IP address and netmask using Bitwise AND in shell script
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Old 02-20-2009
how to calculate netwrk from IP address and netmask using Bitwise AND in shell script


I am having two variables

To get network number, I know that a bitwise & will help.
networkno=IP & netmask

My code is
networkno="$ip" & "$netmask"
echo $networkno

I am getting the following error
./[5]: not found.

What's the mistake in the code.
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Old 02-20-2009
The ampersand (&) puts processes in the background, so you are putting networkno=$ip in the background, then trying to execute

What is it that you want to accomplish? What's the output you are expecting?
If you give and, are you expecting the output to be Or .1? Or .0 ? or ?
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Old 02-20-2009
Actually you have 2 mistakes
  1. To do bitwise operations, you have to do it within the delimiters for arithmetic evaluation $(( ... ))
  2. You'll first have to convert your IP address to it's integer representation ( would become 177605633 [0x0A960C01]), since you can't do arithmetic on strings.
You probably could do it in the shell, but I guess you'll be quicker writing a small C program that does that for you.
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Old 02-20-2009
Hi System Shock & pludi,

thanks for the inputs.
What I want is
if IP="" and netmask="",
I want networkno to be 10.150.12.

I do not know how to change strings into integers.
Also, I have to use shell scripting only.

Please help me with the code to accomplish the above requirement
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Old 02-20-2009
Originally Posted by chaitanyapn
[...] I have to use shell scripting only.[...]
Why Shell code only? A C program to calculate IP-Address related stuff (or about anything on a bit manipulation level) can easily be written in ANSI C which will compile on any platform, and it's quite trivial to do so (was one of my first C assignments in school)

As for the conversion, it would be something like this pseudo-code.
Split on '.'
For each element
    Result *= 256
    Result += element

So would be converted to 177605633. Do this for both the IP and the Netmask and do your &-magic. To get something back do:
Result=177605632 # IP & NM
While Result > 256
    Byte = Result % 256
    Result /= 256

which will give you the least significant byte first, so you'll probably have to switch them.
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Old 02-20-2009
Here is how to do it using ksh93.

typeset -i2 mask=255

[[ $# != 2 ]] && {
   echo "Usage: $0 ipaddress subnetmask"
   exit 1

typeset -a IParr=($1)
typeset -a NMarr=($2)

typeset -i2 ipbin1=${IParr[0]}
typeset -i2 ipbin2=${IParr[1]}
typeset -i2 ipbin3=${IParr[2]}
typeset -i2 ipbin4=${IParr[3]}

typeset -i2 nmbin1=${NMarr[0]}
typeset -i2 nmbin2=${NMarr[1]}
typeset -i2 nmbin3=${NMarr[2]}
typeset -i2 nmbin4=${NMarr[3]}

echo "       IP Address: $1"
echo "      Subnet Mask: $2"
echo "  Network Address: $((ipbin1 & nmbin1)).$((ipbin2 & nmbin2)).$((ipbin3 & nmbin3)).$((ipbin4 & nmbin4))"
echo "Broadcast Address: $((ipbin1 | (mask ^ nmbin1))).$((ipbin2 | (mask ^ nmbin2))).$((ipbin3 | (mask ^ nmbin3))).$((ipbin4 | (mask ^ nmbin4)))"

exit 0

Here is the output for the IP address and subnet mask you supplied followed by the output for a sightly different subnet mask (just to show the difference)
$ ./calculate-address

       IP Address:
      Subnet Mask:
  Network Address:
Broadcast Address:

$ ./calculate-address

       IP Address:
      Subnet Mask:
  Network Address:
Broadcast Address:

This User Gave Thanks to fpmurphy For This Post:
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Old 02-22-2009
Hi fpmurhy,
The code worked fine ..Smilie

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