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Script - How to automatically start another process when the previous process ends?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Script - How to automatically start another process when the previous process ends?
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Script - How to automatically start another process when the previous process ends?

Hi all,

I'm doing automation task for my team and I just started to learn unix scripting so please shed some light on how to do this:

1) I have 2 sets of datafiles - datafile A and B. These datafiles must be loaded subsequently and cannot be loaded concurrently.
2) So I loaded datafile A first. It will take long - hours to complete. I do not want to wait before I can load datafile B.
3) How to write script that will automatically pick up datafile B soon after datafile A finishes loading?

Please please help me.. I need to come out with this unix script as soon as possible.. Thanks guys..

btw I'm using ksh.
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Write one script to parse them sequentially, and put them into the background using
$ nohup script &

Note that this way, your script won't be able to receive any user input, and all output goes to nohup.out. Detail can be found in the man page.
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simply use for loop


for file in datafileA datafileB
your code (to load the datafile)

execute the script using nohup commnad. (nohup script)
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hey thanks frens.. im gonna try them first thing tomorrow cuz i'm already at home haha..

but keep the ideas coming in people.. thanks again
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dbaccess << EOF
load from filea insert into blah;
load from fileb insert into bleh;

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Originally Posted by quirkasaurus
dbaccess << EOF
load from filea insert into blah;
load from fileb insert into bleh;

hi quirkasaurus.. thanks but the datafiles are not the data from database.. they are .txt files (located in a directory in the server) that contains raw data and the loader will process them into a meaningful data report.
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it sounds like you're just over-thinking this...

Scripts do run sequentially.

Just write a script that does the first part . . .. then the second....
Just don't put anything into the background and it should work the way you want.

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