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Descan SFTP


descan sftp

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Old Unix and Linux 09-10-2016   -   Original Discussion by houmingc
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Descan SFTP

I was asked to change the run.sh script to add 2 properties:

“-D JMSListener.Q.DECHECK.IMG.start=false”

what does adding this two properties do?

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Old Unix and Linux 09-12-2016   -   Original Discussion by houmingc
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Where/what is run.sh and what has this to do with SFTP? This looks more like some java code to me.

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Old Unix and Linux 09-12-2016   -   Original Discussion by houmingc
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yes.. it's looks like parameters passed for your java application

Set a system property value. If value is a string that contains spaces, you must enclose the string in double quotes:
        java -Dfoo="some string" SomeClass

java - the Java application launcher
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