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Tor and vm's

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Old 02-18-2015
Network Tor and vm's

Hello all! That's my first post here and I have some few questions about navigation with tor network:

1) Is it safe to use it to access mainstream websites such as facebook, google and so on? I mean, they will probably know by there that we are using tor. And they can of course send out this info to someone else? But the ISP wouldn't have the logs right?

2) Is it safe for banking and shopping? I am sure that using, for example Chrome browser will give you away and you'll also have all your purchases and everything logged. When on tor network...

3) Now, connected to what I said above on 2. When it comes to linux systems configuration of the network to use tor on firefox! What about mozilla? I don't really know if it is intelligent to trust them 100%.

4) VMWare: I use at the actual moment, the linux OS's only inside a vmware machine. As vmware asks for registration I am very keen to believe it's not that safe to do our navigation even inside tor from there. Do you know if they (vmware systems) can know you navigation even inside tor? (of course they could have some print screen system easily...) And even if a vm software doesn't require registration I am not sure it would be really safe to use vm's on Windows OS. Not completely. For example, Win 8 has more of your personal data than previous systems. In this way it is possible that other softwares are checking those details out. Also your antivirus software can know probably everything you do online (at list on a browser I know they can (and they even can see inside a vm)) Comments on those?

I hope you don't find it boring to read so much and we can have some prolific discussion here because I do have a lot to learn...

I appreciate any responses and comments. As this is my first steps here, if there is something wrong with the post. Please someone, an admin... just let me know.

Also, I am not sure right now if the forum accept this kind of discussion (as I saw messages about commands and stuff like that). If not, please tell me why so I just will ask really what the forums here are about. Another thing, if not can you please tell me what forums I can discuss things like so?

Thanks a lot!
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Old 02-18-2015
The internet works by sending information to other systems and getting information back. As such, you will never have perfect security. At best you can send to systems not known in protocols not recognized via data not understood.

vmware is very big business. They care about their own money and hence have licenses, but are unlikely to have gaping backdoors.

win8 doesn't have your personal information unless you're silly enough to give it to it. They may have scammed lots of people into believing it needs an MSN account and internet access to run, but that's just not true.
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senhortempora (02-18-2015)
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Old 02-18-2015
Thanks a lot Corona688. I know that nowadays, and as far behind as I know there has never been such thing as perfect security. But what I mean is, how safe would it be to do banking over tor for example?

About vmware, what I think about these big companies is that they are not caring that much if they sell or not our personal info as long as someone pays well or give them any benefits. And I don't have why to believe they wouldn't capture such information just in case too, if they don't already have a reason.

And about Windows, yes, I know that if you don't want them to have your personal detail you just don't give them. Me for example, on the other hand, don't care for some of the information I have to be used through the Microsoft systems, as I use their email personally (but I have some emails and not all on their network, and not all with private info). But there are a lot of other things, simple things like searching for info online that I don't want them to have! But I don't trust IE for example at all.

Thanks again for your response
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Old 02-18-2015
vmware has big customers, if they were doing that sort of thing they'd find themselves extremely culpable.

MS on the other hand clearly doesn't care, their support is extremely limited and their responsibility ends when they sell an OS.
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Old 02-18-2015
Yeah, looking from this angle it does makes sense
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Old 02-20-2015
But even this vision making sense. See big companies with a lot of customers, and that now, we all know have corroborated with snooping...

In my vision it is to be na´ve to believe that because of how people will look at them they wouldn't do it, they would still make money, say something... some excuses... Also, it seems like a vicious thing nowadays, companies and even people recording everything, even what is not necessary. And that can lead to privacy problems...

I really don't trust vmware, or windows... or even Google and so on. You can clearly see for example how Chrome takes screenshots when on the startpage you see those little frames of the pages most visited. Who can tell if there aren't more screen shots going up to the cloud?

And all the data collected, are they giving or not access to someone else? The browsers can even see the names of each file on a machine filesystem. That all can be collected. And I know that even using TOR you must be very careful, really careful. If you are just using it for privacy concerns, dont wanting people having every move you do registered and shared you can be more relaxed, it is easier and it is your right.

If you are not breaking any laws or intending to do so. There's no problem on using TOR (but be aware, if you go to the tor project website in an identifiable way, most likely you'll be in a 'list" from that moment on, that's what I heard and is probably true for what we can search online). But to pay a VPN provider for example is to pay to be snooped on big time! I am quite sure of that. They have logs and everything, plus your very personal data.

TOR is one of the best tools we have now. If not the best. Probably the best. It should be more developed by people who really know what they are doing, because if even now there is how to browse privately through the network, then with more work on it, no one would be able to really see those who really know how to use the service.

Me for example right now am using a version on MS OS, not the best, but I in the most am just trying to avoid those terrible data collection for ads purposes and having my browsing data collected from Google, Facebook (even what is done outside their website as they publicly stated) and Co. And I really have the vision that this is our right to browse in this way, of course also avoiding ISP's data collection.

Nice weekend you all
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Old 02-20-2015
If you dont like vmware, you could try virtualbox.

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senhortempora (02-20-2015)
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