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Posted By r1500
Thanks for the help, I will remember to search...
Thanks for the help, I will remember to search next time
Posted By r1500
Removing Carriage return to create one record
I have a file with multiple records in it and want to create a single record by removing all the carriage returns, is there a sed command or another command that will easily allow this to happen.
Posted By r1500
creating a fixed length output from a variable length input
Is there a command that sets a variable length?

I have a input of a variable length field but my output for that field needs to be set to 32 char.

Is there such a command?

I am on a sun box...
Posted By r1500
diffrent results between command line and scripted grep
When I type a command at the command line it supplies one result and the exact same command in a script

egrep '^01|^02|^03|^04' file > fileout

count = 29353

same count in the script yields...
Posted By r1500
Paste command reading no delimeters for sun box
I use a paste command on my HP/UX which by specifying single quotation marks my output creates a fixed width file with no delimeters:
paste -d '' a b > temp

on the Sun box the same command...
Posted By r1500
reconstructing a record in a diffrent order
Can sed be used to take a existing record and reverse the order of defined character placement if there is no delimeters?

existing record:


expected result:


Posted By r1500
Large file need to append to each line
I have a few large files that need to have a ,A appended to the end of each record. I though about using sed but never used it before and the man is not intuitive nor have I found examples.

Posted By r1500
I knew I forgot something, Thanks for the help
I knew I forgot something, Thanks for the help
Posted By r1500
additional info
I used the exact syntax with the sam system variables in command line and it work perfectly. At a lost, I know it is something stupid I am missing. Once again Thanks for your assistance
Posted By r1500
foreach syntax error
I wrote a simplistic script which works fine in my HP Korn environment using for in do done but when I converted it for csh it is balking at my syntax specifically the parens for the argument. Any...
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