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Forum: Solaris 07-20-2005
Posted By krishan
How to assign multicast IP address
How can I assign multicast ip address to my Sun server. I need this configuration to set up weblogic in cluster mode. This setup needs a multicast IP address where the managed servers can broadcast...
Forum: Solaris 07-20-2005
Posted By krishan
how to start Xsun once it's killed
How can I restart the X window server on my solaris server without rebotting the server?
Forum: Solaris 06-24-2005
Posted By krishan
shutting down/restarting oracle with the solaris server restart
How can I make sure that all the database instances are shut down and brought up when the server is restarted.

Forum: Solaris 05-27-2005
Posted By krishan
killing all processes for an user
how can I kill all the processes belonging to an user.

I need it because I can't see a process initiated by a user and thus unable to kill it.
Forum: Solaris 05-24-2005
Posted By krishan
configuring printer using lpadmin
Can some one tell me how to configure the printer on solaris

printer name = A

printer server address :
Forum: Solaris 05-23-2005
Posted By krishan
changing timestamp of a file
How can I change teh timestamp of a file
Forum: Solaris 05-23-2005
Posted By krishan
shutting down oracle with the server
What can I do to ensure that oracle database is shut down when the server reboots.
Forum: Solaris 05-20-2005
Posted By krishan
Accessing the home directory in shell script
How can I access home directory in a shell script.

I am writing a script which will delete the log files in each of the user's directory

Forum: Solaris 05-09-2005
Posted By krishan
It asks for the volume on which teh file was...
It asks for the volume on which teh file was stored while taking dump. I can not figure out what volume its talking about. I tried with 0n, cn..

it's not working. can you please send me teh...
Forum: Solaris 05-09-2005
Posted By krishan
How to change Timezone without restarting teh server
I have changed my timezone using the command

export TZ='Asia/Calcutta"

but teh affect is taking place only in teh shell where I am logged in. If I export teh variable when I open the new...
Forum: Solaris 05-09-2005
Posted By krishan
change year in the server
HOw do I change the year in Solaris server.

I changed the timezone to IST which caused the year to change to 2015.

How do I change the year??
Forum: Solaris 05-09-2005
Posted By krishan
How to recover a single file from tape
I have taken a backup using

/usr/sbin/ufsdump -0uf /dev/rmt/0n

I want to recover one file from it but finding it hard nut to crack.

Can you please give me a simple way of recovering ...
Forum: Filesystems, Disks and Memory 03-21-2005
Posted By krishan
"mt erase" command does not work
I have some data in my tape which I want to erase with the command

mt erase

The process runs for a long time without cleaning data.

What can be the problem??

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