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Posted By tatchel
Cool! Just what I'm looking for. Thank you for...
Cool! Just what I'm looking for. Thank you for the quick response. :)
Posted By tatchel
Remove extra characters and sum the columns
I have data extracted like this:
A=%123% B=%456% C=%789%
A=%111% B=%222% C=%333%
A=%777% B=%888% C=%999%

Can someone please help me with a script to remove all the % signs and get the totals...
Posted By tatchel
Script ran by job scheduler fails from the 15th to the 20th of the month

I have a script that finds the application logs from the previous day and sends it to another server via ftp.
The code is something like this:
yest_date=`TZ=CST+24 date "+%b %d"`...
Posted By tatchel
Sorry I did not indicate this in the original...
Sorry I did not indicate this in the original question. The user making the connection is the same on all servers.
Server2 (as user1) SSH to --> Server1
Server1 (as user1) SSH to --> Server3...
Posted By tatchel
Yes, that's correct. Thanks.
Yes, that's correct.

Posted By tatchel
Is it possible for a server to be both a remote and client SSH host?

Not sure if this is possible, I have a server (SERVER1) that is currently set up as a remote SSH host. My client SSH host (SERVER2) is connecting to SERVER1 to scp a file with no password. ...
Posted By tatchel
Need help in checking the date and looking for a keyword in a script
I have a cron process that runs daily and generates a log file. The process writes the date it ran and also any errors to the log file.
I need to write a script that will check if the process...
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