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Cannot login using WINBIND in AIX 5.3
I configured AIX5.3 to use kerberos and winbind so user can login and authenticate via AD. I was able to join my AIX server to domain and can execute wbinfo -u/g. However when I login, It says...
Posted By lhareigh890
Change partition name in rhel
Can I change the filesystem in redhat w/o reformating it? For example

/dev/sda2 145G 188M 137G 1% /uo1
/dev/sdb1 289G 191M 274G 1% /uo2
/dev/sdb2 289G 191M 274G 1% /uo3

uo1, uo2, uo3 shuld...
Forum: Cybersecurity 02-07-2013
Posted By lhareigh890
Limit access in Ubuntu
can we use semantec or any kind of software in ubuntu/linux to limit access of a user to edit a specific file?
a. will not play media player or use usb.

we will edit blacklist.conf...
Posted By lhareigh890 there an application or a way on how... there an application or a way on how to do this? because i want our sysads to say apt-get install, shutdown, mv, cp etc but will restrict their access to the ff for example
Posted By lhareigh890
Disable multimedia access in Linux
is there a way on how to disable multimedia access in linux like ubuntu? in this way user will not be able to play media files. (via command line or grapical tool)
Posted By lhareigh890
thanks. however if the 'mayedit' user will...
thanks. however if the 'mayedit' user will execute sudo vi /file/in/question, he will be able to edit it right? the user will have like sudo access to all (ie. shutdown, cp, mv, any commands) but not...
Posted By lhareigh890
Deny to edit a specific file in sudoers
How do I deny a user to edit a specific file in directory but the user will have a capability to use sudo and execute any command? I will just deny him/her to edit sayy 5files in different...
Posted By lhareigh890
Cannot open shared object: when starting nrpe
Got this error when starting nrpe

Starting nagios-nrpe: nagios-nrpe/usr/sbin/nrpe: error while loading shared libraries:

Pls advise

---------- Post updated at 04:05 PM...
Posted By lhareigh890
Connect via ssh using active directory authentication
I want to connect via SSH that will authenticate via active directory (domain controller). For example my network login in my workstation is user123/123user under a domain. I wanted to use this...
Posted By lhareigh890
If a user input date 12072012, the system date...
If a user input date 12072012, the system date will change to 12/07/2012. If a user will input date -s 23:00:00 the time will be change to 23:00:00.

Do you have any script on how can this be...
Posted By lhareigh890
Input date on script
How can I allow users to change the date and time in a script? Say the user1 wil login and he will be inputting the desired date (example format below). I will need this script so the user can login...
Forum: Infrastructure Monitoring 05-22-2012
Posted By lhareigh890
JFFNMS: RRD files for imterface id 2190 has not been created by the Poller Process yet

When we tried to add host in jffnms and marked all interfaces, it worked well with newly added hosts for linux. However if its solaris, we cannot see CPU interface. The error in the graph is...
Posted By lhareigh890
free memory in debian linux
hi- im running glassfish 3.1 on debian server and there are times where I need to start the domain when we cannot access the web application. I checked the memory and it's confusing me. Am i still...
Posted By lhareigh890
thansk for the answer..I already did that however...
thansk for the answer..I already did that however when I press X (exit) on the menu script, the user should be logged out on the server..Instead it goes back to his shell if i wil do the above.pls...
Posted By lhareigh890
Permission denied
I created a user so that when he logs in he will be directed to a menu

user1:x:115:1:Support -SysAd:/export/home/user1:/export/home/suppotrmenu/

However when I logged in...
Posted By lhareigh890
thanks..what if 5mins from 12:ooam to 7Pm..?
thanks..what if 5mins from 12:ooam to 7Pm..?
Posted By lhareigh890
crontab time
good can I simply create a cron job that will be executed every 5mins from 12:01 to 7Pm..

is it like this

*/5 12:01-19 * * * <path>
Posted By lhareigh890
i mean the user would not ask to enter the https...
i mean the user would not ask to enter the https (SSL) password when web instance will be started. is thi spossible/>
Posted By lhareigh890
we would like to stay the pw instead of...
we would like to stay the pw instead of decrypting it.would you know how to store it in clear text?
Posted By lhareigh890
Append password on script when restarting web instance
im writing a start/stop script for a web instance (solaris) .
Currently I usually start it using the command below and it will ask me to put the token password for the web_instance. (token pw:...
Posted By lhareigh890
Rotate log everyday on existing script
quick question:

I have a current script that will put the output on a log file. See snapshot of the code below. I wanted this to be rotated everyday based on date. So if anyone execute the script...
Forum: Programming 04-27-2011
Posted By lhareigh890
env not bound: BEDEWORK
I was trying to test dump data on bedework jxi console however I got the error below.I'm using debian as my OS and installed quickstart bedework on it. Pls advise what am I missing. thanks

Posted By lhareigh890
recognize servers environment
Basically do you have any suggestions on how to advise syadmins to be more careful in accessing servers so that they would know at an instance that the server they logging in is production or...
Forum: Web Development 04-07-2011
Posted By lhareigh890
export SSL certificate
we are doing TCP for our systems. I have a working SSL certificate on prodction webserver. Im planning to export it to our DR server for TCP purposes. However when I export based on the procedure...
Forum: Web Development 03-31-2011
Posted By lhareigh890
thank you. I tried this but the problem now is i...
thank you. I tried this but the problem now is i got "/usr/bin/nohup: /usr/bin/nohup: cannot execute binary file". I already changed ownserhips of nohup to root but still the same.

part of the...
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