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Forum: Programming 11-04-2019
Posted By yifangt
last field for sscanf() is incorrectly parsed
Change the RECORD increment i++; according to your correction fixed the problem!
Thank you so much!
Wait! There is...
Posted By yifangt
Bash variable expansion in awk script
I need to split a file into two of different locations by re-direction in awk.
cat infle
aaa 1 3
bbb 2 4
aaa 3 3
bbb 4 4
aaa 5 3
bbb 6 4

Posted By yifangt
combine and upgrade by the second fasta file
I put my answer back as I met the scenarios:
1) when file2.fasta contains more entries than in file1.fasta and vice versa. and
2) when the sequence part can have more than one row;
Posted By yifangt
SAS can directly export CSV format
Happened to use SAS for a while long time ago. It seems to me there is an option to do the conversion within SAS platform, which even has the GUI interface now. Something like:proc export...
Forum: Programming 11-27-2017
Posted By yifangt
Thanks Corona688! I did not forget your advice...
Thanks Corona688!
I did not forget your advice on fgets() + sscanf() in C. Switched from there I was hoping to get similar advice in C++ so that I used "best practice". I am aware this is about very...
Posted By yifangt
Annual VIP member subscription
How can I subscribe for an annual VIP member? I could not find the link.
Forum: Programming 09-12-2014
Posted By yifangt
C++ getline, parse and take first tokens by condition
Trying to parse a file (in FASTA format) and reformat it.
1) Each record starts with ">" and followed by words separated by space, but they are in one same line for sure;
2) Sequences are...
Forum: Programming 01-23-2014
Posted By yifangt
How stupid to use the scanf format for...
How stupid to use the scanf format for printf!------Thanks, Corona!
I got it now:
printf("%d\n%%\n%c\n%5s\n%c\n%s\n\n", i, c, string, string[5], string+5);

$ ./a.out
Please input a line:
45 ,...
Forum: Programming 11-14-2013
Posted By yifangt
That was really subtle and, fundamental, too. I...
That was really subtle and, fundamental, too. I can't get it until you pointed out!
This bugged me sooooo much, and I had thought my understanding is totally wrong. Fortunately I am on the right...
Posted By yifangt
Good! It's clearer than last time, and the situation is simpler than what I thought .For simplicity I changed the description to string. e.g. CS111 = Student 1 + Course1 + variable1 and so on. ...
Posted By yifangt
there is answer on this recently.
This is the transposition of matrix. Check the post of acp, an awesome script there.
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