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Posted By Bob_Loblaw
Loop Help
I have a couple of DB2 querys running and passing the output to a variable.

bart=`db2 "select id from table_a"`
lisa=`db2 "select state from table_a"`

I would like to create a loop that will...
Posted By Bob_Loblaw
SED Help
Hello All,

Being somewhat new to the SED world I was hoping someone could help me.

I have a text file with 2 columns looking something like this,

12345 Option1
6789 Option2
9876 Option3...
Posted By Bob_Loblaw
"for" Loop Problem
Hello Everyone,

I'm having a wee bit of a problem. I would like to pass a DB2 query to a variable and then using that variable to perform a 'For' loop.

For example....

tempfile1=`db2 -x...
Posted By Bob_Loblaw
Pass a paramenter into a script

I was just curious if anyone would know how to code in KORN the accept a parameter from the start of the KORN.

For example...

$ myshell.ksh 55

55 would represent the parameter I...
Posted By Bob_Loblaw
Variable Size Problem
Hello Everyone,

I am currently working with a DB2 (ver 8.1) table (Newly Created) and I am running a basic DB2 Select query into a variable. The field and it's size are VARCHAR(20). Since I need...
Posted By Bob_Loblaw
SOLVED!!!!! - Weeeeee
Thank you for your reply's. The final solution is.....

sed 's/^.*<DISP>//g' | sed 's/<\/DISP>.*$//'

Thanks you again, your posts really helped.

Posted By Bob_Loblaw
I can't read !!!
Hello All,

Being somewhat new to UNIX I naturally need some help. I have an XML file the I need to retrieve data from and that data is between the opening and closing tags. I have this so far.......
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