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Posted By Kanu77
/client_local/ and system performance
I'm running Solaris 8 on a Sun ULTRA 5(SPARC II CPU, 270 MHz) with 64 Mb of RAM.
The machine is very, very slow even doing normal tasks such as reading mail....... I'm nearly afraid to ask it to do...
Posted By Kanu77
i-spy for UNIX - What is it??
I'm just after finding a file resding in my temporary directory(/tmp) on my machine called 'i-spy'

This file is owned by root and ordinary muppets like me cant delete it, open or even do a more or...
Posted By Kanu77
PROM password for UNIX workstation.
Can someone give me the reason why PROM passwords are put on UNIX machines??? Is there a genuinely good, sane and reasonable decision for this???
Posted By Kanu77
Never found that out!!
I just booted from a CD in the normal fashion - boot cdrom

I inserted the DVD into the the DVD drive, but either the disc was not readable or the drive was faulty.........
Posted By Kanu77
Booting from a DVD?
I'm taking delivery of 8 Sun Ultra 10's this afternoon and I have to install SOLARIS 8 on them. SOLARIS 8 is also being delivered on DVD.

My question is : What command at the PROM prompt do I...
Posted By Kanu77
fsck command - what does it check/repair??
While rebooting one of the UNIX systems here at work, the boot-up process halted and a message appeared telling me that I had to run the fsck command. The command to the best of my knowledge went...
Posted By Kanu77
I am running CDE on Solaris 2.6 on a Sun ULTRA 1 workstation.

Can(maybe that question should start with 'Should') the amdinistrator of a network edit in anyway these files, or is that something...
Posted By Kanu77
dtprofile files et al - what do they do???
I have come across a file in my home account called .dtprofile - I was just wondering what this is for?

What do any of the files in /usr/dt directory do??
Posted By Kanu77
OEM - what does this abbreviation stand for?
Just saw this OEM abbreviation during installation of Solaris 8.

I'm curious to know what the letters stand for and what OEM actually is.
Posted By Kanu77
PROM password
I have a query. Its about the PROM password on a SUN ULTRA5.

I am the administrator of a UNIX network, which is actually a private network within the company that I work for. The IT department who...
Posted By Kanu77
The OPERA browser
I have just seen someone using the OPERA browser - it looks quite good and seems to have a friendly GUI.

Can I get this for UNIX(Solaris 8 is my OS)??? Does anyone have this installed on their...
Posted By Kanu77
That worked......Thanks!!!
I was just using single quotes - damn!!!

That worked perfectly - Monday morning just isnt a good time for my brain - its still in switched off mode!!
Posted By Kanu77
Admin of Users from command line
I have been adding new users on a system(SOLARIS 8), and one of these 'nice'(?) users has got back to me to complain that his full name isnt showing up when he does the following at the command...
Posted By Kanu77
Customizing CDE background
i have a question about setting the background in a workspace in CDE.

I have CDE runnning on Solaris 8 here at work and I want to use some images I have as the background in or two of the...
Forum: Programming 03-07-2002
Posted By Kanu77
Cheers guys - that explains the daemon issue for me....
Forum: Programming 02-27-2002
Posted By Kanu77
So what you mean is....
So bacically, they are a typoe of monitor process but dont actually do anything..... Or am I way off the mark here????
Posted By Kanu77
StarOffice OR ????
I have Star Office 5.2 installed on my system - you know the one : it allows you to read and edit word documents, Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations without logging into a WINDOWS OS.
Forum: Programming 02-27-2002
Posted By Kanu77
What is a daemon process?
This is gonna seem really silly to almost evryone here - but I need to know :

what is a daemon process?

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