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I took the extra step and added a full path to...
I took the extra step and added a full path to every line referencing another file. It seems to be working so far....
Posted By phpchick
"Content-type: text/html No input file specified." Only in CRON but not when executed directly
Hi gang, I have the following code inside a the file

todaysdate=$(date --date='7 day' +'%d')
todaysmonth=$(date +'%m')
todaysyear=$(date +'%Y')...
Posted By phpchick
Sending an email with mail function shows up as an attachment 'noname'
I have a file named email.html with this as the contents:

Content-type: text/html
ACHI,ACCRETIVE HEALTH ,7.15,<br>CPRT,Copart Inc.,36.14,<br>GEOB.MX,GEO-B,1.660,<br>GCO,Genesco Inc....
Posted By phpchick
Remove every line with specific string, and also the one above and below it
I would like to identify every line with a specific string, in this case: "Mamma".
I would like to remove that line, and also the line above it and below it. So the below

Where are all amazing...
Posted By phpchick
did this, only took a couple of tries
did this, only took a couple of tries
Posted By phpchick
Rm -rf is taking very long, will it timeout?
I have so many (hundreds of thousands) files and directories within this one specific directory that my "rm -rf" command to delete them has been taking forever.

I did this via the SSH, my...
Posted By phpchick
thanks joeyg, I've added #!/bin/bash The...
thanks joeyg, I've added #!/bin/bash

The script is set to run again tonight via cron, will update everyone.
Posted By phpchick
Sorry, here it is, relatively simple. Is the...
Sorry, here it is, relatively simple.
Is the bashshebang comment relevant even though the script successfully starts? - At the moment I have no bashshebang in my script but, didn't think this was an...
Posted By phpchick
Script runs in command-line fine but times out in CRON?
Hi, I have a script that seems to run to completion when in the command-line, but when it is run using the cron, it seems to time out.

They both start and run fine, but on the CRON it stops...
Posted By phpchick
would something like this also work? ...
would something like this also work?

some_command some_arg1 some_arg2 &
sleep 15
kill $TASK_PID
Posted By phpchick
Killing a program in shell script
I followed the directions here
Free Twitter Source Code ? Twitter Database Server: Install (

and created a...
Posted By phpchick
from the shell I made a screen then, i made...
from the shell I made a screen

then, i made another screen, but while I was inside the first screen

when I go back to the shell, I only see one screen running.

For the purpose of...
Posted By phpchick
Accidentally made a screen within a screen - how to move it up one level?
I made a screen within a screen.

Is there a way to move the inner screen up one level so that it is at the same level as the first screen running from the shell?
Posted By phpchick
How to make dynamic variable names for use in while loop?
while [ $i -lt $numberofproducts]

sizesfor0=`cat 16 | grep 'pickSize' -A 1 | grep '_sz' | cut -d'_' -f1`
IFS=: array0=( $sizesfor0 )
Posted By phpchick
"Command not found" doing a while loop in bash/shell
numberofproducts=${#urls[@]} #gets number of entries in array called "urls"
numberofproductsminusone=`expr $numberofproducts - 1` #-subtract by one

while [$i -lt $numberofproducts]
Posted By phpchick
Querying a website at random bunches simultaneously
I have a script that hits my website for stock quotes and pulls prices. currently it does this one by one until all the symbols have been pulled. I've solved for bandwidth issues by putting in a...
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