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Posted By zorro
how do u set IRQs?
I discovered that my NIC card is not properly set to the right IRQ setting.

eth0: RealTek RTL8139 Fast Ethernet at 0x240, IRQ 0, 00:52:ca:32:a0:fe

How do you set the IRQ to 10, where...
Posted By zorro
can't get my cable modem up
Caldera eDesktop 2.4 - Cable Modem

my NIC card has been detected, but funny scenario:

eth0: RealTek rtl8139 Fast Ethernet at 0x2400, IRQ 0, 00:50:ba:43:a0:ef

/*I noticed that it...
Posted By zorro
redirection to tty** with cat
I tried to cat a file to another user that was logged in, but I received an error message that displayed something like:

%cat funny > /dev/ttyp3
zsh: permission denied: /dev/ttyp3

Thank you...
Posted By zorro
smtp question
When I establish a connection to port 25 (the mail port), I was unable to send an email when I typed:

rcpt to: username

I didn't know the exact username(s) on that machine. My question is, how...
Posted By zorro
question about groups
:p I have a very elementary question that is kind of buggin me because I cannot figure it out.

1. How do you make a new group, give it a name, and assign permissions to specific users to access...
Posted By zorro
Linux and my cable modem
I recently installed Caldera 2.4 (successfully:p ), but I cannot seem to get my cable modem up and running! My ISP is AT&T and I'm using @home. I've tried using DHCP and that didn't work either. I...
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