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Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I was given this...
Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I was given this code to just put inside those cgi scripts since they are simple redirect scripts for the replication that verifies a members username and then...
Posted By ukndoit
Creating a daemon to run in background
I am trying to create a service to always run and monitor a script that has a tendency to hang, we could not find what is causing it to hang so are in the process of completely reprogramming just...
Posted By ukndoit
tracing processes in shell
Is there a way to have the output from:
strace -p 10101

placed in a text file so we can download it and look it over?

Posted By ukndoit
zombie processes and hung process termination
Is there a way I can run a command that will run in the kernel or in the memory and automatically kill certain scripts if they get to <defunct> processes, without having to be monitoring the server...
Posted By ukndoit
Monitoring Processes - Killing hung processes
Is there a way to monitor certain processes and if they hang too long to kill them, but certain scripts which are expected to take a long time to let them go?

Thank you
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