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Forum: AIX 10-31-2007
Posted By yamsin789
Find CPU per process in AIX

I am looking for a command that will return me the amount of CPU used by a specific process in AIX environment.
I know there is TOPAS - but it is interactive and I need to get this...
Posted By yamsin789
Using System calls without compilation
I would like to create a program that can be easily ported between several Linuxes... Therefore I would like to avoid compilation and have the ability to run it as shell scripts runs...

Posted By yamsin789
Weird Ascii characters in file names
I have files in my OS that has weird file names with not-conventional ascii characters.
I would like to run them but I can't refer them.
I know the ascii # of the problematic characters.

Posted By yamsin789
Hide my shell commands
I am writing a tool that connects using SSH to a remote server and perform some actions (through root)
However - I would like to hide my operations so they will be hard to track.

I tried STRACE...
Posted By yamsin789
how to exclude the GREP command from GREP
I am doing "ps -f" to see my process.
but I get lines that one of it represents the ps command itself.
I want to grep it out using -v flag, but than I get another process that belongs to the GREP...
Posted By yamsin789
thanks... but as I said in my post - I am...
but as I said in my post - I am already familiar with PSTREE and it is too graphaical, hard to parse, and not generic for all OS.

Posted By yamsin789
find my tree of processes
I am logging into a remote unix/linux server (of any kind - aix, hpux, linux...)
I would like to run a shell command that will return me the list of PIDs that relate to my tree. I need to get...
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