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Forum: Solaris 03-04-2005
Posted By marpin
Dear friend, recently, i got the same problem. I...
Dear friend, recently, i got the same problem. I didnīt get start system boot and each time system starts, did appear differents messages... i downloaded again the disk image 1 and recorded through...
Forum: Solaris 03-03-2005
Posted By marpin
Dear, i used the same configuration and i though better install the java enterpriser system(free download in sun site) My desktop change completely your appearance... youīve much more options of...
Forum: Solaris 03-01-2005
Posted By marpin
Wireles Lan...
Someone know how to configure a Wireles NetWork Card (PCI Adapter) on Solaris 10 OS?
After install the correct driver, what must i have to do? Iīm a client desktop and iīm obrigatory to put an IP to...
Forum: IP Networking 02-28-2005
Posted By marpin
Wireles Lan in SunOS 10???
Hi, iīd like to know is if posible to configure a Wireless Lan in Sun OS 10.0??
Iīm trying but no results...

Please, how could i get internet acess using a Wireless Lan or a sample lan, whith IP...
Posted By marpin
Two OS. Could I install?
Iīd like to know that Could I use two OS in one machine? Whatīs the better way to have the most powerfull of my desktop?
Posted By marpin
I was using NT OS system to run my process. The Microsoft says the problem was UNIX OS. I ainīt unsdertood perfectlly this but i got to change all my system to Windows XP OS.
Now, everything itīs...
Posted By marpin
Well, even the same error displayed is Run Time...
Well, even the same error displayed is Run Time Library Error.
I canīt do nothing īcause I `till donīt know the reason of this problem, the true reason.
Iīm using the Unix platform together Windows...
Posted By marpin
Runtime Error...
My system did stay appears the error Run Time Library Error. What itīs? When the error appear, iīve to reboot my system and lost all I did. Is there the UNIX System problem? Please. I need help!!!
Forum: Solaris 01-24-2004
Posted By marpin
Runtime error...
My interprise use a UNIX mainform for a instrumentation process control. The control use the FOXBORO INVENSYS system and they donīt gonna solve the problem the run time error. The run time error...
Forum: Programming 01-11-2004
Posted By marpin
How do it...?
:) How could I put a numerical character in program status?
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