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Using arrow keys in shell scripts
I recently needed to collect arrow keys (and function keys etc.) in a shell script so that I could run a text graphics-style data entry system (with text entry fields, drop-down list boxes, progress...
Posted By cambridge
Amended with fix for >9 arguments
I've amended my original svn_wrapper script with a minor fix for handling greater than 9 arguments. Please find attached.

Best regards,
Mark Bannister.
Posted By cambridge
Subversion and the GNOME Keyring
The reason I'm posting this message is because I've written a Korn shell script that will be of use to those people who use the Subversion client on Linux or Solaris and would like their passwords to...
Posted By cambridge
How to write a UNIX man page
I realise that with GNU 'info' a lot of developers become, dare I say it, quite lazy when it comes to providing a well written man page - and some argue they're not needed at all. But I find, in the...
Posted By cambridge
Ok, understood. Try: sed -e...
Ok, understood. Try:
sed -e 's/>\(<[^:]*:Errort\)/> \1/g' -e 's/\(<\/[^:]*:Errort>\)</\1 </g'Regards,
Posted By cambridge
How about... awk '$1 ~ /^"/ && $1 !~ /"$/...
How about...
awk '$1 ~ /^"/ && $1 !~ /"$/ {next} 1' myfile

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If you have any lines with a double quote...
Posted By cambridge
I used the BEGIN section to load the contents of...
I used the BEGIN section to load the contents of your file into a string variable, using getline with the filename passed in from the shell via the f variable. I used standard pattern matching...
Forum: Programming 04-21-2011
Posted By cambridge
But result is a pointer into this_line. ...
But result is a pointer into this_line.
sprintf(result, "%s</field>\n", newtmp);... is already updating this_line. Check the contents of this_line immediately after the above statement, you should...
Posted By cambridge
Head 3 preserving blank lines ... awk '!$1 ||...
Head 3 preserving blank lines ...
awk '!$1 || d[$1]++ < 3 {print}' <filename> Head 3 losing blank lines ...
awk '$1 && d[$1]++ < 3 {print}' <filename> Tail 3 losing blank lines is a little more...
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