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Ok solved the rpc problem but still the box...
Ok solved the rpc problem but still the box still doesnt seem to be shutting down:

# shutdown -y -i6 -g0

Shutdown started. Tue Oct 1 13:34:51 BST 2002

Changing to init state 6 - please...
Posted By MBGPS
Help unable to shutdown- RPC problems
I seem to have consistent problems shuting down whichever init state I use

basically I get the following errors messages followed by a return to the prompt

# shutdown -i6 -g0 -y

Posted By MBGPS
Reversing file order using SED
Im trying to develop a shell script that will change the content order of the file.

For example I have a file that says

I want to change this to be

Im trying to use...
Posted By MBGPS
solaris xwindows on linux
Im trying to set up a linux box (red hat) as an xserver desktop for solaris 2.6. On the solaris box I type:

export DISPLAY=hostname:5
xclock &

I then get the error message:

XLIB: connection...
Posted By MBGPS
Mounting nfs filesystems with /net/hostname
Ok ive inherited a number of unix boxes who have drives mounted in different ways. Mostly the nfs filesystems are named in vfstab but some mount points for remote servers are not mentioned in vfs tab...
Forum: Filesystems, Disks and Memory 09-09-2002
Posted By MBGPS
Moving Sun A1000 between E450's
Does anyone know what steps I have to follow to move an A1000 between two E450's. Im running solaris 2.6
Forum: Filesystems, Disks and Memory 09-05-2002
Posted By MBGPS
Starting sun raid manager for A1000
Can anyone tell me the syntax for starting Raid manager on a A1000?
Posted By MBGPS
What about for the statement that appends data to...
What about for the statement that appends data to the end of the file?

sed "$a\\

I get the error message:

sed: command garbled: \

Posted By MBGPS
Cheers perdarbo. This seems to work. What...
Cheers perdarbo. This seems to work.

What exactly is this doing? Are there any shortfalls?
Posted By MBGPS
find without pathname
How can I get the results of a find back without the pathname

for example if i do

find ../../ -name \*.sql

i dont want to see


I only want to see...
Posted By MBGPS
Ouch, I get the error: sed: command...

I get the error:
sed: command garbled: 1iEXEC PR_DbConfigStart 'test.txt', '10', 'DESCRIPTION'

when I try this.

Here is the script im using

Posted By MBGPS
Cool this seems to work. The problem I have now...
Cool this seems to work. The problem I have now is that the string I am trying to insert contains the ' character which conflicts with the sed '1i\ line. Ordaniril they get ignored.

If I try to...
Posted By MBGPS
SED- Insert text at top of file
Does anyone know how to insert text at the top and bottom of a file using sed?
Posted By MBGPS
GREP sentance
Does anyone know a way of grepping for a sentence. ie a series of words separated by spaces

Ive tried Grep "this is the sentance" filename without success.

Any ideas what else I could try?
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