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Posted By Corona688
That is likely a bug in your script. Show it,...
That is likely a bug in your script. Show it, please.

unset $PASSWORD is wrong. unset PASSWORD is what you want, I think.
Posted By Chubler_XL
How about this: #!/bin/bash read -sp...
How about this:


read -sp "Remote passwd: " PASS

for host in macbook tleepermacbook
ssh -tt $host sudo grep CMABuildNumber /etc/cma.conf << EOF
Posted By rdrtx1
try also: awk ' BEGIN {c[3]=13; c[4]="*";...
try also:
awk '
BEGIN {c[3]=13; c[4]="*"; c[5]="$W1"}
$0 ~ /^\// {
l=$0; o="";
for (i=1; i<=NF; i++) {
w=l; sub("[ \t].*", "", w);
o=o (c[i] ? c[i] : w);
sub("^[ \t]*",...
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