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Forum: Solaris 12-05-2003
Posted By eloquent99
Time Wait interval
What is the time_wait interval for Solaris 8/9??? and is it configurable???

For example sometimes a clients pc will freeze up dropping the connection, closing the port. The problem is on our side...
Posted By eloquent99
I'm asking
I was the one that asked the first question.
Posted By eloquent99
grepping processes
What about grepping processes??

for example

I usually use "ps -ef | grep java"
to see all my java processes
Posted By eloquent99
Stupid grep question
How would I grep for a line that had two words in it that I wanted. For example if I get 10 lines when I grep for the word "java" but only one of the lines has the word "list" in it. How would...
Forum: Solaris 10-31-2003
Posted By eloquent99
Application slow
Well, we use Unix on the backend for all the processing and it connects to the client via T1. I highly doubt it was the line because not alot of data is going back and forth, its just used because...
Forum: Solaris 10-31-2003
Posted By eloquent99
Performance tests
Lately one of our clients have been complaining of slowness. I really don't think its their pc's because all of them have had the slownes. I think its the Unix server we use (Solaris 8 Sparc).
Posted By eloquent99
Netstat question
I'm sure this a simple networking question. I was performing a traceroute to a client of ours that connects to us over the internet. They were having problems connecting to us and I when I did the...
Posted By eloquent99
What is the & for in Unix?? say for example that you have a line in a shellscript that will startup a executable and you have the ampersand at the end of the line, what is it for??

any info you...
Posted By eloquent99
Unix environments to fiddle around with
I'm a newbie and I was wondering if there were any public unix environments on the internet I could telnet to and fiddle around with??
Posted By eloquent99
going to start of file in VI
Ok , I know you hit shift G to get to the bottom of the file. How do you get to the top of the file
Posted By eloquent99
Is there a way to grep for something and then print out 10 lines after it.
for example if I want to grep for a word, then output the following 10 or whatever number of lines after the word.
Posted By eloquent99
grepping for a sentence
Can you grep for a sentence. I have to search logs everyday at work and I was wondering if I could search for a string of words instead of just one.

for example, if I had to find this sentence:
Posted By eloquent99
downloading folders in ftp
can you download folders when in ftp or is the only way to download more then one file by mget??
Posted By eloquent99
default time in Solaris 8 for time-wait
Ok, heres the situation. We use Solaris 8 and sometimes users who are logged into our system restart their pc's without shutting down the application that attached to our unix backend. I netstat...
Posted By eloquent99
broken pipe
sometimes I ftp files from an Unix environment from the command prompt of my win2000 pc and I get a "broken pipe" message. sometimes I'll get nothing but sometimes I'll get part of the file.
Forum: IP Networking 03-10-2003
Posted By eloquent99
TIME_WAIT in netstat
Why would I get TIME_WAIT when i netstat a port?? What would be some scenarios of this situation??
Forum: IP Networking 03-10-2003
Posted By eloquent99
laymens terms for netstat states
Ok, I've read the manpages on netstat and it gives a good description of the state values such as CLOSE_WAIT, ESTABLISHED, SYN_RECEIVED, etc..
Can someone give me real world situations where you...
Posted By eloquent99
what about hardware compatibility
what about the nic card I have? I know the compatible hardware list for Solaris is much smaller then for windows. And if it is compatible, where do I get the drivers? Sun or compaq??
Posted By eloquent99
opening floppy
I have solaris 8 (Intel Version) and I was wondering how I can transfer a bunch of text files (shellscripts) via floppy. I don't have internet connectivity with my Solaris pc so I can't download the...
Posted By eloquent99
Getting on the Internet with Solaris 8
I have cable and Solaris 8 (Intel Ver.) and a Compaq NC3121 Fast
Ethernet NIC
How do I connect to the internet?
Posted By eloquent99
difference between SunOS Release and Solaris Release
Whats the difference between Solaris Relase and SunOS Release??
Forum: IP Networking 02-20-2003
Posted By eloquent99
Ok, I've been working in the IT field for about 3 years now and I never fully understood the concept of ip ports. I just started a new job that uses Solaris and today it kinda clicked in my head and...
Posted By eloquent99
Grep question
sometimes I'll do a search with grep and it just goes down a line and hangs. What is it doing?
Posted By eloquent99
What does the isql command do for solaris 8????
Is this something that comes with solaris because I have it at work but not at home.
Plus does anyone know a good SQL site where I could learn all...
Posted By eloquent99
permission help
Ok heres the situation
I've been studying Solaris 8 for about 6 months now and some things click in my head but others don't.
One of the things that don't click are file permissions.
For example...
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