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Doesn't work, the $ makes in front of finger...
Doesn't work, the $ makes in front of finger makes it think that finger is a variable.
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How to run "finger" command in an if statement?
I have been trying to run the finger command in a if statement but its giving me a bunch of errors.

for i in $(echo...
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If i use this awk method, what would I do when...
If i use this awk method, what would I do when the number next to VAS is diffrent, like if I want it to do that to a bunch of lines
Posted By ajetangay
How to grep from the third column?

Im trying to grep all text after VAS:3543346, so im trying to just have this

Posted By ajetangay
Trouble with setting a variable with vastool
Hi I have this command that when put on the command line it returns the output the way I want it.

/opt/quest/bin/vastool list -a groups | grep testdev_li | grep dev | awk -F"[D:]" 'NF>2{print...
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Sorting a specific column!
What im trying to do is sort the output by the number on the second column and than limit the result to only the first three lines.

This is the code

idlist="x23s52; f34233; 2343xs; 25x34;...
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print "$nidlist" | mailx -s "Automated checkout...
print "$nidlist" | mailx -s "Automated checkout not running"
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Mailx is adding a random "!" in the middle of my mail
I made a script that sends an email with one long line, line looks like this.


The mail has about 200 of those IDs in one...
Posted By ajetangay
How to Grep of by section?
I have a script that outputs this as a file

John Smith
memberOf: example1;sampletest;test
memberOf: example2;sampletest;test
memberOf: example3;sampletest;test
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How to remove lines that exceed a certain charecter count?
I am trying to remove lines in a variable(nidlist) that exceed a certain charecter count(in this case 7).

I am trying to incorparate the function that removes the lines that exceed 7 into this...
Posted By ajetangay
How to use grep with multiple patterns?
I am trying to grep a variable with multiple lines with multiple patterns

below is the pattern list in a variable called "grouplst", each pattern is speerated by "|"

Posted By ajetangay
the content of the IDgroups looks like this ...
the content of the IDgroups looks like this

memberOf: CN=example_group,OU=CL,OU=LOB,DC=prod,DC=test,DC=net
memberOf: CN=example_group2,OU=CL,OU=LOB,DC=prod,DC=test,DC=net

the cntr thing...
Posted By ajetangay
How to use Grep properly?
Hi Forum

Im making a script that takes multiple unix users and lists the users and the groups that the user is part of. the grouplist looks like this
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