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Posted By pracheth
Execute a encrypted shell script
Hi All,

I have a shell script I encrypted it using the command
vi -x , and protected it with a password to view the file.

When i tried to execute the file with ./
Posted By pracheth
Writing script to log
I have a shell script which contains
echo 'hello' >> $logfile
while executing my script i want the hello should be written in log file and also hello should be printed.

Thanks in Advance
Posted By pracheth
How to find no of underscores in a variable?
i have a variable var=a_b_c
i want command to find no. of underscores in a variable

Thank you
Posted By pracheth
Hi Thank you for your quick response. Adding...
Thank you for your quick response.
Adding to can i find whether a particular variable has two underscores in it.
suppose var=a_b_c
i want to know if var has two underscores or not
Posted By pracheth
No. of underscores in a file name

I want to filter my files which has more than 1 underscores in can i achieve this.
Ex: if my file name is a_b_c, a_b.
my command should result only a_b_c

Posted By pracheth
Hi Krishmaths, Thanks for your quick...
Hi Krishmaths,

Thanks for your quick response..
can you elaborate more on ./script
my script name is logproc, as i dont want to exit my terminal should I execute as
I tried this but...
Posted By pracheth
Exit the shell script

suppose my script is
i have to run using '. ./'
as . ./script file always executes the script in my parent shell.
when my contains exit command .. my...
Posted By pracheth
PSU files will be generated as per the values of...
PSU files will be generated as per the values of day and currday when ever they change. I want a command, where by using the currday and day values i want to exactly search what is my PSU file...
Posted By pracheth
Find file of particular pattern
Hi All,

I have a file PSU_ 20130805_201308041234522

i want to search this file where variable day=20130805 and curday=20130804
after currday date some numbers will be to search this...
Posted By pracheth
am using korn shell.. $ echo $SHELL /bin/bash
am using korn shell..
$ echo $SHELL
Posted By pracheth
Shell script not getting executed

As per my requirement when I run . ./ am getting the following error
-bash:ELF: command not found
when i execute as ./ it is getting executed.How to resolve this.

Posted By pracheth
Environment variable need to be incremented
Dear All,

I have created a environment variable say VAR and initialised it to 0.when i do
echo $VAR it is showing 0.I have written a shell script with one line VAR=$((VAR+1))
and after...
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