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missing Path(in UNIX) when i launch a job on to unix machine using windows SSh

i want run an unix application from a windows program/application.i am using SSH(command line version)to log on to a unix machine from windows. the application has to read a configuration file...
Posted By megastar
how to change working directories in perl?
i am new to perl. i am writing a perl script. i want to know how to change the working directories? for ex. i have a perl script in c:\proj\ . i want to run this script in this directory but i need...
Posted By megastar
how to call a perl script from tcsh?

I am not sure how to call a perl script from a tcsh shell. do i need to set any environment variables? your help is appreciated

Posted By megastar
batch file equivalent for Unix
i was trying to do a simple batch file equivalent in Unix

when i write a single command in a file, give executable permissions and run it (i gave the file name as a command at the prompt), it...
Posted By megastar
executing applications/commands on a unix server from a windows PC
i have a network drive (samba) mounted on to my PC and also i have SSH client on my machine. however i need to run applications/commands on a unix server from the middle of a different...
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