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Removing ^M's from a file with VI
Inside VI type this

Where ^V = the control key and the V key pressed together
and ^M = the control key and the M key pressed together
Posted By n1djs
Posted By n1djs
The directory permission where the file is...
The directory permission where the file is located contains the permissions permitting if files in the directory can be deleted or not. The permissions of the file direct who can read the file, not...
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sed -e 's/\,/^M/g' filename >newfilename
sed -e 's/\,/^M/g' filename >newfilename
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Free unix
Home at (

On that page, click on download.
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Start autoexpect, and then manually do what you...
Start autoexpect, and then manually do what you want to do.
This will create a script automatically that you can tune and trim to your hearts desire. AUtoexpect comes with the expect package.
Forum: Solaris 02-14-2008
Posted By n1djs
Go to: Patch Check Advanced...
Go to: Patch Check Advanced (
download and install pca on both boxes.
Run "pca -i" within a few minutes of each other on both boxes and the end result will...
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Re: store the sql query's output in a variable
result=$(echo 'SELECT * FROM TABLE' | mysql DB)
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One example of many ways to read config data
Example contents of a config file name my.config
Some config data

In program that needs config file info
Forum: Solaris 01-16-2008
Posted By n1djs
Most implementations telnet doesn't read from...
Most implementations telnet doesn't read from stdin. Also the way you have the code written, the file will be created on the system you are telneting to, not the one you are telneting from.
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use basename
I assume this is a unix box...
awk is a nuclear bomb, when all you need is a hammer.

Use basename (see example below)

for i in *.ixf; do
name=$(basename $i .ixf)
echo $name
Forum: Programming 11-15-2007
Posted By n1djs
A SEGV by definition mean, you are trying to...
A SEGV by definition mean, you are trying to write to a segment outside of memory allocated to you. In the first case, you had no storage allocated, only pointers, so the first write gave you the...
Forum: Programming 11-14-2007
Posted By n1djs
Wierd C program. Help Needed
You have a problem in both cases. One is being caught, the other is not.
"char *i, j[15], *k" says the following:
Point to memory and call that pointer i;
Create space in memory to hold 15...
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