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Posted By Bodhi
FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is pretty d@mn cool!!! I printed it out and its about 15 pages long. It's a time line chart from the very first Unics to the lastest (which is BSD 5.0)

Unix History...
Posted By Bodhi
Unix map?
There is a "Map"? of Unix and all its varients somewhere on the net. I used to have the link , but can't find it now. Anyone out there have a clue????

A good magician never...
Posted By Bodhi
Multiple auto logins
Not sure how to type this but here it goes . We want to set up auto logins for mutiple 'Nix boxes.

OK here's the deal:
we want to have a 'Nix box that stores a passwd in a variable, then we want...
Posted By Bodhi
Z-shell (zsh)
Z-shell (zsh) anyone use it and how do ya like it?
Posted By Bodhi
I'm tring to send $TH $THDISP "`cat...
I'm tring to send $TH $THDISP "`cat $THTMP/th.stuff`"
th.stuff a 129 line file:
(# ls -l tmp/th.stuff
-rw-r--r-- 1 root sys 8486 Jan 29 09:28 tmp/th.stuff )
Posted By Bodhi
SCO Unix
Does anyone know how to extend the environment variables in Sco Unix?

Posted By Bodhi
Tomato, If i remember right a...

If i remember right a ls -l will give you the long listing in C shell. Also you could make an alias -->

% alias ll ls -l
% alias bye exit
% alias
ll ls -l
bye ...
Posted By Bodhi
Dear Rude, ...
Dear Rude,

Partition Magic does work with Windoze and Linux (but only ext2) if that isnt a problem. Try it out , its really simple to use!!!!!!
Posted By Bodhi
Dear Rude, The partition...
Dear Rude,

The partition software you are looking for is Acronis OS Selector 5.0. I have not used the software myself, (I use Partition Magic 7.0) but it looks like its pretty...
Posted By Bodhi
Hi all,
i am trying to figure out how i can get a 'Nix box to display
epoch time. Is there a command to do this? Do I know what I am talking about or am I an Idiot? Wait dont answer that...
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