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Use egrep. find -iname "*.jpg" -print0 |...
Use egrep.

find -iname "*.jpg" -print0 | xargs -0 exiftool -a | egrep 'Camera Model|File Name'
Forum: Red Hat 12-23-2015
Posted By smurphy_it
manual way
The "chroot" facility wasn't included with Openssh until 4.9p1. Prior to that version of Openssh, you had to build a chroot jail manually. There are a number of steps involved to get a chroot...
Forum: Ubuntu 12-23-2015
Posted By smurphy_it
sufficient disk space
Good day. From looking at your df output, it would appear as though your hard drive in question has at least 2 partitions.

mirislam@blnidapp03:~$ df -h
Filesystem Size ...
Posted By smurphy_it
Ensure "X11Forwarding yes" is set in your ssh...
Ensure "X11Forwarding yes" is set in your ssh server-wide configuration file. Typically /etc/ssh/sshd_config

If it is set to no (or possibly commented out), you'll need to uncomment it and set it...
Forum: Red Hat 12-17-2015
Posted By smurphy_it
Mondo rescue might be an alternative. It can do...
Mondo rescue might be an alternative. It can do restores from physical to virtual as well, with a little bit of tinkering with the drivers.

Mondo Rescue - GPL disaster recovery solution...
Forum: AIX 04-02-2015
Posted By smurphy_it
assuming you have the rights
Not using a hmc, so I'm not sure if you need to break out of the restricted shell or anything. However, you want the "lastupdate" line from the /etc/security/password file.

So you could run:
Forum: AIX 04-02-2015
Posted By smurphy_it
Good day. If this user is going to be connecting remotely by say ssh, then you can use the "chroot" functionality of openssh itself. You won't have to go through the whole configuration of setting...
Forum: Linux 03-28-2015
Posted By smurphy_it
no can do
Thanks for the suggestions on other scenarios. However, I am not able to bring the vendors around and what-not to do the domain. They might of initially, but since the systems are already setup /...
Forum: Linux 03-27-2015
Posted By smurphy_it
I guess it's a two-edge sword. 1) I am wondering why password aging is affecting ssh-keys. I would think they should be different. 2) Trying to have user accounts using passwords to fall under...
Forum: Linux 03-27-2015
Posted By smurphy_it
Linux password aging and ssh keys
Recently I have been playing with password ageing and the usage of ssh keys. I have found that if usePAM yes (default) is set in the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file then any password ageing and...
Posted By smurphy_it
use full path for starts
I would start (as already pointed out) to use full pathname to all of your binaries.

example. Original:

host=$(grep DB_HOST "wp-config.php" |cut -d "'" -f 4)

Change to:
Forum: Red Hat 03-24-2015
Posted By smurphy_it
Good point. I'll close out the thread then, as...
Good point. I'll close out the thread then, as it is working as expected.
Forum: Red Hat 03-24-2015
Posted By smurphy_it
RHEL4.8 no notification on PAM lockout
Good day. I have setup hardening the password (test system so far) prior to doing any work on production. Here is what I have set.

Snippet from /etc/pam.d/system-auth

auth required ...
Posted By smurphy_it
steps you provided aren't quite matching up
Good day. You originally posted:

1. Generate Term file
2. Remove previous term and rpt files from utility directory.
3. copy term file to utility directory
4. call sql to generate rpt file...
Forum: AIX 07-12-2012
Posted By smurphy_it
Document what ?
Documenting what ? You can build a script which will capture some important data, which is then saved as a html formatted file and scp'd to your web directory.

One could use monitoring software...
Forum: AIX 07-09-2012
Posted By smurphy_it
Check your entitled software
Alternatively, the AIX 6.1 TL6 base package should be available to download from IBM (if you have it listed in your entitled software section).

However, you should download these and save them, as...
Forum: AIX 06-21-2012
Posted By smurphy_it
untarring a tarball
You can always pipe the two commands to make life easier for yourself as well.

gunzip -c filename.tar.gz | tar -xvf -
Forum: AIX 06-21-2012
Posted By smurphy_it
rssh vs openssh
Just wondering why you are fighting with it. Openssh has had this ability for quite some time now. It's just a matter of adding an user/group, and modifying your /etc/ssh/sshd_config file to...
Forum: Ubuntu 01-27-2012
Posted By smurphy_it
thegeek is right. The command you want is...
thegeek is right. The command you want is md5sum.

which md5sum

To check a md5 crc stored in a file use -c.


md5sum -c md5sums.txt
Forum: AIX 01-18-2012
Posted By smurphy_it
One such method
Well one such method would be this:

create the user as usual, but give them the home directory as /data06/ABC01 and give them a shell of /bin/false.

So they would look this this in the...
Forum: AIX 01-03-2012
Posted By smurphy_it
Print driver
Is the print queue currently using pcl or ps ? Perhaps the print driver needs to be updated / changed, depending on the emulation.
Forum: AIX 01-03-2012
Posted By smurphy_it
AIX 5.x OpenSSH choot and non-root owned
Good day. I was looking at implementing a chroot environment using openssh. I know I can use the sshd_config file and dictate that it is to use chroot for a specific directory for a user/group. ...
Forum: AIX 10-20-2011
Posted By smurphy_it
openssh chroot facility and directory access
Good day. I currently have a request to have sftp access to a specific directory for a user(s). They can have access to that folder only, and nothing below it.

Now here is the gotcha that seems...
Posted By smurphy_it
STD redirection
0 = Standard Input
1 = Standard Output
2 = Standard Error

the 2>error.txt would redirect all output from standard errors, into a file called error.txt
Posted By smurphy_it
help with ksh parsing traceroute output
Good day. I am doing an enq -WA (AIX), to get a list of the print queues, I then compare that to the /etc/hosts file to 'match' the IP address associated with the print queues. What I want to do is...
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