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Forum: IP Networking 05-04-2012
Posted By sumitpandya
NMS like NetXMS(OpenSource) and ManageEngine
Generally when you fetch "counter" OID then NMS provide you functionality for representation of its value. Representation mode can be either absolute, gauge, TPS, etc.
Forum: IP Networking 06-14-2011
Posted By sumitpandya
You need to write a kernel module which can hook...
You need to write a kernel module which can hook some network call-back function.
Reading of Netilter hack related pdf would be good start for you
Posted By sumitpandya
Use some great NMS like NetXMS
Use some great NMS like NetXMS
Posted By sumitpandya
Please deploy some great available NMS/EMS tools...
Please deploy some great available NMS/EMS tools like NetXMS, Cacti, OpenNMS, Nagios etc. I mentioned the name in my preference.
You can opt for good economical commercial like OpManager from...
Posted By sumitpandya
Windows Services for UNIX - Wikipedia, the free...
Windows Services for UNIX - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (
We have used Widows AD with Linux workstations by installing NIS Server portion...
Posted By sumitpandya
Can moderator take this thread to GNU ls/find and...
Can moderator take this thread to GNU ls/find and ask to provide option for counter. We all know that every admin uses counting of files into daily operation and into almost every script. It would be...
Posted By sumitpandya
I ran find command on my entire root (/) which...
I ran find command on my entire root (/) which finished in less then 2 minutes. In my case having more then 600K files
[root@aaa-build ~]# date
Tue Nov 16 10:01:22 IST 2010
[root@aaa-build ~]#...
Posted By sumitpandya
You write desired "export VAR=VAL" into a temp...
You write desired "export VAR=VAL" into a temp file and execute "./temp" before "/root/Shell_Scripts/". In other way you can write "VAR=VAL" into temp file and execute ". temp" before...
Posted By sumitpandya
Do arachiving before transfer
Use tar command before transfer, then un-archieve those file at destination.
Forum: IP Networking 05-15-2010
Posted By sumitpandya
Post output of "ifconfig -a", dmesg and...
Post output of "ifconfig -a", dmesg and lsmod
Posted By sumitpandya
Use precompiled package
Any specific purpose of trying with compilagtion. There are ready-to-use packages around and recommended is to use them. My general advise is to use Linux for Opensource software.
Posted By sumitpandya
General conventions
Generally "_r" suffix denote "Thread-Safe" version. It may cause some (negligible) performance impact because of locking and dynamic memory allocations with-in such libraries.
Forum: Filesystems, Disks and Memory 04-10-2009
Posted By sumitpandya
nslookup or dig command
You can write script where you give hostname (from output of df ) to any of nslookup or dig and then parse output again and replace resolved IP-Address into original output of df
Posted By sumitpandya
Find SMTP Authentication and/or SSL related extensions into respective document. That is unversal way for Roaming SMTP.
Posted By sumitpandya
FTP Server/OS details
While posting you make sure to provide vendor/version of complained software.
Anywyas for time being you can look for "umask" related configuration in either ftp server or...
Posted By sumitpandya
It means application is slow in processing of...
It means application is slow in processing of that heavy UDP requests/data. There can be 3 solutions
1> Identify if there is flooding on your application; snoop, tcpdump or firewall
2> Increase...
Posted By sumitpandya
Title contains entire bible of vi command keys
Below are extract for your solution
:map! ^? ^H
:map! ^[OA ^[ka
:map! ^[OB ^[ja
:map! ^[OC ^[la
:map! ^[OD ^[ha

Above entries you put into...
Forum: Solaris 11-14-2008
Posted By sumitpandya
Do you have "dns" option for "hosts" entry into /etc/nsswitch.conf file? Sample line into my machine is as below
... ... ...
hosts: files dns
... ... ...
Forum: IP Networking 11-14-2008
Posted By sumitpandya
Netfilter official website
netfilter/iptables project homepage - The project ( has good tremendous information (FAQ, HOWTO, Tutorials,...) which you have asked here. Join netfilter-devel...
Forum: IP Networking 11-04-2008
Posted By sumitpandya
Use DynamicDNS if you have problem of only name resolution via DNS
Posted By sumitpandya
Generally its / or /usr or /usr/local
If its RPM then install-root is /. This install-root can be changed with option "relocate". In case if you compiling from source then default prefix/exec-prefix is either /usr or /usr/local.
Forum: IP Networking 10-07-2008
Posted By sumitpandya
Linux netfilter/iptables
Netfilter has rich set of modules/functionaliy. I'm sure you will find some useful for you.
LOG, ULOG, NFLOG are few. If you get confused then take help from netfilter mailing-list/community.
Posted By sumitpandya
AIO or state machine
Asyn I/O and maintaining a state machine for all request processing will help you here. A thread-pool is require for both side network i/o
Posted By sumitpandya
man nsswitch.conf
glibc runtime has pluggable architecture (NSS) for many queries like host, protocol, user, group,.... This can be configured in "/etc/nsswitch.conf" file. For querying to LDAP it required...
Forum: IP Networking 07-17-2008
Posted By sumitpandya
Read out manual pages
route add default A.B.C.D should works. As soon as you fire this command, it immediately comes into effect. No need to bother any command for immediate effect as these commands talk directly to...
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