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When do I use input redirection?
Can someone please explain when input redirection is necessary?

For example, "cat filename" and "cat< filename" produce the same result. I was told that if I need to bunzip a file that I should...
Posted By PTcharger
I'm not too familiar with awk, but it still seems...
I'm not too familiar with awk, but it still seems like I have to type this command and change the "n=" part every time. I'm really trying to learn how to make a shell script for my files so all I...
Posted By PTcharger
Bash script to sort files
I've got a disorganized list of items and quantities for each. I've been using a combination of grep and sort to find out how much to buy of each item. I'm tired of having to constantly using these...
Posted By PTcharger
Now that I think about it, I wasn't really clear...
Now that I think about it, I wasn't really clear with my question. I was hoping to cut the items into a new file. Something like cut "just letters"> newfile

It seems like the answers will all...
Posted By PTcharger
How to cut only letters?
I was wondering how I could cut only the names of items from the following list:


I used "man cut" and thought -c would help, but the items have different...
Posted By PTcharger
How to use grep with numerical values?
I'm new to Unix and I have been trying to fix this problem for the past week.

How would I use grep to display only certain numbers for a list. For example, if I have this list:

Joe senior ...
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