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Posted By nmadhuhb
Extract the lines between two dates
Dear experts
I am new bee to scripting...
Pl. help me getting the lines between two strings.
I am getting the oracle sql output as below. and would like to get the time from system date compare...
Posted By nmadhuhb
How to run the multiple scp from single script?
Dear Experts,

how to run multiple scp commands from single scripts.

In a directory oracle redo files accumulate. i would like to copy those redo logs to my standby server. For same i am using...
Posted By nmadhuhb
Thanks Corona688 it is working.. i was...
Thanks Corona688 it is working..

i was trying to assign the fuser -c <file system > command output to variable like below.

a=`fuser -c <file system> and i was not able to separate the...
Posted By nmadhuhb
How to get the process id in to variable?
Dear Experts,

Pl help me to fix this

i am trying to unmount the all the file systems in VG, Once unmounted vary off the VG.

I have written the script to do that it works fine when none of...
Posted By nmadhuhb
awk '/^Grid/{print;getline;getline;print}' file >...
awk '/^Grid/{print;getline;getline;print}' file >
Posted By nmadhuhb
How to get the files lists
Hi All,

Need the help in getting the file list which are generated for the time period.

example if i want to get the list of file generated between 11 to 12 clock.

i used the find command...
Posted By nmadhuhb
Cool ... Its worked Thank u..
Cool ... Its worked

Thank u..
Posted By nmadhuhb
Thanks steady it is worked... Thanks...
Thanks steady

it is worked...

Thanks once again.

Posted By nmadhuhb
Passing the variable value to remote server.
Dear All,

Can anybody explain me how to pass the variable value to command argument which will execute in remote machine.



how can i pass this value to...
Posted By nmadhuhb
File processing using script needs help
Dear all,

Need help to write the shell script to process the file.

My requirement is script to process the file line by line and count the ids belong to the server name mentioned as in first...
Posted By nmadhuhb
How to use sed to search for string and Print previous two lines and current line

Can anybody help me to correct my sed syntax to find the string and print previous two lines and current line and next one line.

i am using string as "testing"

netstat -v | sed -n -e...
Posted By nmadhuhb
How can get the value 001 using shell script
Hi Gurus,

Please help in this shell script.

y=`expr $x + 1`
echo $y

which gives me the value as 1

How can i get the value as 001 in this shell script. As i am new to scripting...
Posted By nmadhuhb
Hi fpmurphy, it worked ... but it generates...
Hi fpmurphy,

it worked ... but it generates random file name... is there any way so i can specify file name with file1...file2.. file3... like.

Thanks in advance.
Posted By nmadhuhb
spilit the list of files in set ls -1 *.dbf
Dear All,
Please help in this subject..
my requirement is list the files in directory and out of that list make the different set and each should set contains 10 files and assign to variable and...
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