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Forum: Linux 10-14-2014
Posted By cdlaforc
Need help determining if %SI(software interrupts) are too high
The organization I work for uses SCOM(Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager) for Data Center Management/alerting. Since the client was installed on our Linux servers we have been...
Posted By cdlaforc
Trying to customize auditd.cron
Hello all,
I'm trying to update auditd.cron to force rotate daily and gzip audit.log.1. I will probably then remove anything older that 3 months. The part I don't like about my script right now...
Posted By cdlaforc
Corona688, Thanks for the info. ...
Thanks for the info.

I think my line wrapped here when I pasted it which made it a little confusing. I was echoing out that string of commands and piping them into at. I...
Posted By cdlaforc
Thanks for the info. I would like to keep this...
Thanks for the info. I would like to keep this in shell script(bash). It's kind of a learning project trying to learn all I can about shell scripting for bash. So I'm trying to build a little...
Posted By cdlaforc
Non-blocking pipe
Would this be an acceptable way of creating a non-blocking pipe.
Basically I want to create kind of a server client arch.
This code would be in the server, and I don't want to have...
Posted By cdlaforc
Try this. Save the below code in chris2.awk ...
Try this.

Save the below code in chris2.awk

if (substr($1,1,5)=="Store") {

if (NAME!="")
printf("%15s:%15s Deployments\n", NAME, COUNT)

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