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Posted By alex blanco
Useful Shell
for me,


With all the -vi options in a command window, and for programming is very powerful!!!
Posted By alex blanco
well, maybe it going to be little hard to...
well, maybe it going to be little hard to understand, but I hope it helps in another case.

When I want to catch somebody's real path of a process execution (I already know the process ID) I used...
Posted By alex blanco
Well depending on what king of system you are...
Well depending on what king of system you are running on, there is a file below /etc that is call cron.allow or cron.deny there you'll list the users that are allowed to run crontabs.

Posted By alex blanco
SAS Tuning
Does anyone had perfomed a tuning with SAS on Solaris???
Performance is not so good and I found out that Share Memory an Semaphores are the same that initial instalation, I havent found info at...
Posted By alex blanco
sed by nature can not read and write to the same...
sed by nature can not read and write to the same file, in fact the main idea of sed is not to change source files, I'd rather write to a temporary file and then change anything I want.

Forum: Solaris 09-28-2004
Posted By alex blanco
Ok I got it I think you should install (If you...
Ok I got it I think you should install (If you have enough space) SAMBA into your UNIX Station and then try to communicate the Unix Box with the Windows Box.

I did it once and it is not dificult...
Forum: Solaris 09-09-2004
Posted By alex blanco
Why dont you use the old method? I dont know...
Why dont you use the old method?
I dont know how large your DB is but you can:
Export empty tables
and then spool data in flat files,
recreate tables on Win environment et
finalment Upload...
Posted By alex blanco
I think you can, it depends the way you're using sed,

for example:
Supouse I have a Text file and I want to replace a string "Cool" for MY_Variable, I'd do


Posted By alex blanco
Hi you all. I'm trying to enable DHCP in a Sun Utra 5 runing Solaris 8 but during the boot process it sends me the message : "Device not in appropiate status"

Do anyone have enabled DHCP on...
Posted By alex blanco
Have you ever tried to set the ASYNC_WRITE=TRUE and
ASYNC_READ=TRUE parameters in your init.ora file?
On solaris it is supported on both Filesystems and RAW devices.

check it
Posted By alex blanco
this is as easy as it seems:
$ more
sqlplus user/passwd @script1.sql
sqlplus user/passwd @script2.sql

at the begining I remembered that cron does not know the binaries path so I...
Posted By alex blanco
SQL vs Crontab
I've been trying to execute a script which call some SQL Queries for midnight report, using crontab I got the next mesage:

Message file sp1<lang>.msb not found
Error 6 initializing SQL*Plus...
Posted By alex blanco
Why dont you dive into the EMC or Symetrics page and found any Datasheets?;)
Posted By alex blanco
Samba on E3500 Poor Performance!!!
Hi you all, I have a BIG performance problem on an Sun E3500, the scenario is described below:

I have several users (30) accessing via samba to the E3500 using an application built on Visual...
Posted By alex blanco
Ultra 5 Arch (URGENT)
I was trying to migrate a DB into an Ultra 5 and it was easy for me to buy a new 80GB ide disk but OS (Solaris 2.6) does not recognize the disk. OS belives that it is a 8GB disk, my point of view is...
Posted By alex blanco
Hi, as I see your problem could be a damage library ( or perhaps there is a missing link to that library, did you try to install any kind of "workshop" where all those libraries are...
Posted By alex blanco
Hi, well you're assumption is right ufs will allocate a large files into contiguous datablock and, of course, in contiguous fragments into another datablock if is needed. AS an example imagine we...
Posted By alex blanco
kind of UNIX
Well sorry I miss the UNIX kind.

Im using SOlaris 7

Posted By alex blanco
Tracing a terminal
Hi you all, any of you know how to monitor what is going on in another terminal?
I mean if somebody will install an application on my server remotely and I want to "watch" what he is doing. I...
Posted By alex blanco
Hi you all. As I see you are using "something" to handle a RAID 5 for SCO (perhaps Volume Manager) but is no necesary that VM handles File system resizing it can be done with a VFS, it means, you...
Posted By alex blanco
Emergency Block Size Very Important!!!
I have a problem with Oracle Database due to block size it said : "Oracle's SGA to big to fit contiguosly into one segment" Reconfigure the UNIX kernel to have bigger segments.

How can I...
Posted By alex blanco
I usually use fuser -ck /filesystem_name in order to umount any stubborn filesystem, if you want monitoring nfs you can use:
"dfmounts" or
"dfshares" in order to view mounted filesystems tru nfs.
Posted By alex blanco
Oracle & Unix
Hi guys I really dont know how large you database is or what kind of schema you're trying to export in fact I dont know what kind of error UNIX sends to you. But from my point of view is quite...
Posted By alex blanco
I've spent enough time trying to put on work Lucent Winmodem in my armada M300 (compaq laptop) I use Mandrake 8.0 but as soon as i get connected
and prompmts appears modem shutsdown.

Does any...
Posted By alex blanco
Hi if you,re using ufsrestore -ivf you got into the first filesystem backed up if you want to see the next one you just type "q" wait for a while and automatically the rmt device got forward the next...
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