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Script program is not recognizing the -w
Sorry I put -r I ment to out -w but its not perform none of -w, -r, -x flags
Using centos 6.4

echo -e "enter the name of file :\c"
read file_name

if [ -f $file_name ]
Posted By zbest1966
How install LDAP on a Solaris 10?
Can not find info on how to install on LDAP on a Solaris 10.
Posted By zbest1966
Could someone explain line by line of how this...
Could someone explain line by line of how this program works starting with set -x
set -x
servers="server1 server2 server3"
for i in $servers;
FS=`ssh user1@$i df -kh . | awk...
Posted By zbest1966
Lucreate Fails to Create Boot Environment;
My OS solarius 5.10 Generic_147148-2 i86

Error: please review new boots environments using options

1. Solution - show me the commands
Partition is full, try to remove some unneeded files, ...
Posted By zbest1966
Open-soucre for Linux/UNIX adm
Is there a website for Linux/UNIX system adm:wall. Most open source site are cadre to developers
Posted By zbest1966
LDAP, issue wont upload to Server
Its not allow upload the ldif file to LDAP Server

# ldapadd -x -W -D "cn=Admin,dc=linuxoperatingsystem,dc=info" -f /root/base.ldif

Enter LDAP Password:

ldap _sasl_bind(SIMPLE) : Can't...
Posted By zbest1966
Want to install APACHE but it's saying command is not found using centos
Forum: UNIX and Linux Applications 05-05-2016
Posted By zbest1966
Puppet, Instillation
Can not complete the installation of a puppet server on a Linux box.
bash: passenger-install-apache2-module: command not found
Please use CODE tags as required by forum rules whenever you display...
Forum: Programming 03-09-2016
Posted By zbest1966
Where is a good source to go to for beginners for...
Where is a good source to go to for beginners for C used with Linux
Forum: Programming 03-02-2016
Posted By zbest1966
Language used with Linux
What language is used more common with Linux
Forum: Solaris 02-25-2016
Posted By zbest1966
HOw do you enable GUI or turn it on
HOw do you enable GUI or turn it on
Forum: Solaris 02-24-2016
Posted By zbest1966
Command to turn off or GUI
What command turns GUI off and on in Solaris 10
Forum: What is on Your Mind? 01-11-2016
Posted By zbest1966
What area in Linux/UNIX is most in demand?
What area in linux makes the most money. What area in linux is most in demand.
Posted By zbest1966
please explain
please explain
Forum: Programming 01-05-2016
Posted By zbest1966
Since I have more exp. with Oracle, I guess...
Since I have more exp. with Oracle, I guess database management. How is Oracle combine with Linux
Forum: Programming 01-01-2016
Posted By zbest1966
How do you combine the two language.
Forum: Programming 01-01-2016
Posted By zbest1966
Whats the most in-demand programming language UNIX
I am interested in learning Programming Language to complement my UNIX. What language should I concentrate on to enhance my UNIX. What companies are seeking with UNIX. What languages are used with...
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