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How to argue for Unix vs. AS400/CICS
As a traveling consultant, my road took me to a massive Vegas Gaming operation, that runs it's shop with AS400/CICS. The legacy-4 rooms size- computer is protected more than fort Knox, and the level...
Forum: Gentoo 12-25-2008
Posted By sad_angle
Please read The Free Software Definition - GNU...
Please read
The Free Software Definition - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF) (

For information of what is a shell script
The Free Software...
Posted By sad_angle
Export your database tables into a tab separated...
Export your database tables into a tab separated text file, then launch excel, go to the help screen, search for "import", which will show you in details how to import these tables to the excel...
Forum: SuSE 09-16-2008
Posted By sad_angle
I did it 11 years ago
I am not bragging, I'm remembering some bad days.:o

The hardware needed:
* An Internal Wireless LAN 802.11g PCI Card adapter.
* A coax network, leading to different antennas in your 300-400 m...
Forum: Gentoo 09-10-2008
Posted By sad_angle
look into Beowulf
Looks like a hardware resources question, not software.

Try Linux cluster "Beowulf", the core engine of Google.

Beowulf is a multi-computer architecture which can be used for parallel...
Forum: Gentoo 09-04-2008
Posted By sad_angle
I recommend Slackware as a Linux distro. It is the most teaching distro, as you'll need to do everything yourself, thus it is a very humbling experience. It comes with X windows, running KDE (Slack...
Posted By sad_angle
Sounds like a 'security' question, not a 'how to'
I think you need to deploy the 'alias' command here, replacing 'history' command by something else, that will lead to a bogus file.

This is just a point of view, you're welcome to differ.

Posted By sad_angle
Don't use QOpenSys, use NFS
Just a personal preference, it worked for me ( I did this a couple years ago, for a one-day consulting job, I barley remember the details)

I used this page as a 'how-to' guide.

AS/400 and...
Posted By sad_angle
You are missing Slackware
Yes, I know, I'm lame, but I have to be grateful to my first teacher, Mr. Sub-Genius :-)

SuSE for my 10 years old son's desktop

Red hat for my wife (dual booted to XP)

Slackware for yours...
Posted By sad_angle
IP address on *nix
Just copy and paste that line to your command line. It strips the IP address for a clean view

$ /sbin/ifconfig eth0 | grep 'inet addr:' | cut -d: -f2 | awk '{ print $1}'

Good luck
Posted By sad_angle
Rounding floating point numbers?
Try Perl function "sprintf".

I'd say

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# This will round the value of Y to two decimal points, using ".2f"
$roundedY= sprintf "%.2f", $Y;
print "$roundedY \n";...
Forum: What is on Your Mind? 08-23-2008
Posted By sad_angle
I bow
m(|O|)m :o
Posted By sad_angle
get the proccess id, then pkill it
$ ps aux | awk '$8=="Z" { print $2 }'

Good luck
Forum: Solaris 08-23-2008
Posted By sad_angle
Solaris 10 documents
When I start my browser, I get this home page. If I were in your boots, I'd make this web site my home page too.

http : // docs . sun . com / app / docs / prod / solaris.10

Browse Product...
Posted By sad_angle
Start here
$ more /etc/protocols

$ more /etc/services

Good luck
Posted By sad_angle
Try this with CUPS
As long as you insist on working with the GUI, then in your browser try this url

http : // localhost : 631 / help

Good luck
Posted By sad_angle
try the command $ man ftp
try the command

$ man ftp
Forum: IP Networking 07-03-2008
Posted By sad_angle
We need more information
Can you please copy and paste the results of the three commands

$ uname -a
$ arp -a
$ ifconfig -a

Good luck
Posted By sad_angle
fi is required
try to add fi at the end. It worked for me

Ksh basics (

Good luck
Posted By sad_angle
Yes. Bulls eye. Red Hat, the one that you...
Yes. Bulls eye.

Red Hat, the one that you have at work, the same version. You are doing work related activities.

Yes. Just make sure it is the same version of Linux. Just to save you some...
Forum: Programming 04-08-2008
Posted By sad_angle
Try this thread

Good luck
Forum: Programming 04-05-2008
Posted By sad_angle
Try this command
$ top

$ pstree

Good luck
Posted By sad_angle
On MySQL it is
MySQL :: MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: 12.1.2 ALTER TABLE Syntax (
Posted By sad_angle
Differences between Unix shells
Comparison of computer shells - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (

My 2 cents: I prefer Korn shell over Bash or csh, because I make use...
Forum: Linux 03-26-2008
Posted By sad_angle
I am surprised to read such a remark. Linux...
I am surprised to read such a remark.

Linux has the biggest amount of wireless drivers on earth now. After all, most of the cell phones and stand-alone wireless devices today are using Linux as...
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