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Forum: Solaris 07-10-2013
Posted By hugo_perez
Cleanup special files create via device match in a whole root zone
I added in the configuration file of a whole root zone the following device match entries:
<device match="/dev/rmt/*"/>
<device match="/dev/sg/*"/>
after the reboot the zone was able to see...
Posted By hugo_perez
CPU Part Number from the command line (Solaris 8)
How Could I get the CPU Part Number from the Solaris command prompt? (Solaris 8 E4500 Server)

Thanks in advance. Hugo
Posted By hugo_perez
Example of lsof use:
If you also use solaris, you can get the package from:

Example of use lsof:

You can schedulle the data collection in your crontab:
Posted By hugo_perez
I was looking to demirroring nor to mirroring
I was looking to demirroring nor to mirroring.


Note: I was solved de problem.
Posted By hugo_perez
what does metaroot in detail?
I have a problem with a submirror of the root filesystem,
in the procedure in order to unmirror the FS say:
metadetach -f d0 d20
metaroot c0t0d0s0

but, in my system the metaroot cause a...
Posted By hugo_perez
Which version of Veritas?
If you have some problem in the Veritas disk, the
system will log this problem in the /var/adm/messages.

I haven't the latest Veritas Version (I have VM 3.1 and FS 3.3.3),
in thats versions,...
Posted By hugo_perez
other usefull commands
a usefull command is prstat

prstat -a -S rss -n `ps -ef |grep wc -l` 300 1

see: man prstat

To look into the kernel see adb:

adb -k /dev/ksyms /dev/mem

With sysdef you can take a...
Posted By hugo_perez
missing kernel parameters ?
The following lines are those that the DBA ask me to put
in a box with 4 Gb of RAM:

set maxusers=2048
set msgsys:msginfo_msgmax=16384
set msgsys:msginfo_msgmnb=16384
Posted By hugo_perez
d100 have errors?
iostat -xne
Posted By hugo_perez
Try with this ...
echo "IP_of_print_server name_of_print_server" >> /etc/hosts

and then use lpadmin.


lpadmin -p printer-name -s system-name[!printer-name]

Regards. Hugo
Posted By hugo_perez
See maxuproc
To look if the problem is with the total number of processes
you can install and configure the PDT (Perfomance Diagnostic
Tool). To configure run:


Forum: IP Networking 05-09-2003
Posted By hugo_perez
If you want to investigate ...
To look if the problem is related to the number of users,
you can put in the crontab a script to log the number of users
every 5 minutes. An example will look like:
Posted By hugo_perez
It's true. Sorry to both.
It's true, the script don't do that you ask.

Sorry to both. Hugo
Posted By hugo_perez
Invert the values
The following script force (in solaris) the NICs to 100 MB FD, you need to changes the values (I prefer to force servers and switchs to 100 MB FD):


case $state in
Posted By hugo_perez
If you can try
For example:

Look at the following line for your rule file, that is you have a SUN E420R, with between 512 and 1024 RAM size and a hard disk between 8 and 18 GB, use the normal_BE.profile ( in the...
Posted By hugo_perez
for example man awk
cat file1.txt |awk '{print substr($0,3,length($0)-2)}' > file2.txt

oops. was corrected.
Forum: IP Networking 04-02-2003
Posted By hugo_perez
Also ...
Also is convenient to modify the /etc/nsswitch.conf (the name server switch configuration file)

the hosts line :


hosts: files


hosts: files dns...
Forum: IP Networking 04-02-2003
Posted By hugo_perez
Another file ...
Note that is convenient to set the file:


and the files






where X is the instance number.

Posted By hugo_perez
What kind of metrics ?
What do you want to see?

Some implementations of netstat allow flags with more information:

netstat -s

netstat -p tcp

netstat -p ip

See the man page of netstat, for the specific flag...
Posted By hugo_perez
For example ...
There are a lot of ways, for example you can try with:

cd /<your_directory>

for myfile in *.xyz
file_name=`echo $myfile |awk '{print substr($1,1,length($1)-4)}'`
echo "mv...
Forum: Filesystems, Disks and Memory 04-01-2003
Posted By hugo_perez
Sun has addressed virtual volume management with...
Sun has addressed virtual volume management with two
software packages: Solstice DiskSuite and Sun StorEdge Volume

DiskSuite is used primarily on smaller servers and workstations.
Posted By hugo_perez
When a program is loaded into the Memory ...
When a program is initally loaded into the Memory, by the kernel (i.e: When the kernel runs a process), swap space for any private data or stack space used by the process must be reserved. This...
Posted By hugo_perez
Try with this ...
In order to close shortly your connections you need
to modify several defaults, for example:

ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_time_wait_interval 60000

ndd -set /dev/arp tcp_time_wait_interval 60000
Posted By hugo_perez
The security policies at your company allow LDAP authentication?

Regards. Hugo.
Posted By hugo_perez
Please, if you want describe in more detaill
Please, if you want describe in more detaill those tasks involved
as Accounting. The tool that you want is oriented to account
the use of resources?.

Regards. Hugo.
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