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Forum: Red Hat 01-11-2019
Posted By Satyak
Thank you for the reply. Java application...
Thank you for the reply. Java application executes dos2unix on linux box and look for return codes 0(success) or 1(fail). As failure return code changed in RHEL7, java app code failing. so want to...
Forum: Red Hat 01-11-2019
Posted By Satyak
RHEL7 dos2UNIX return code 13
Hi, upgraded one of the server to RHEL7. A Shell script uses dos2unix to convert EOL characters to Linux format and checks return code. In RHEL6, if conversion fails shell script returns code 1 ...
Forum: Red Hat 12-07-2015
Posted By Satyak
Load avaerage more than 100
Hi, we are using RHEL6 OS and installed Java applications on the OS. For the past few months load was very high and servers are not responding. Validated java processes but could not find anything...
Posted By Satyak
Repeated lines-case sensitive
Hi, users file contains below names i have a requirement to keep only one case sensitive user. For e.g if user name is "aaa" then only aaa should be there in the file and other matching...
Posted By Satyak
Broken pipe symbol replaced with <A6><A6>
hi, i am copying an xml file from windows to linux server using filezilla&winscp. xml file contains symbols, after copying xml file to server is replaced with <A6><A6>. tried with copying xml...
Posted By Satyak
Grep and append
Have a string as below in a file.

"anohter boy has id 000921 and girl has id=655 of roll number"

using grep below commands with grep commands but able to get one string at a time, not able...
Posted By Satyak
File overwriting
Hi, An application is transferring a file to linux system with same file name. As file is transferring with same name always file will be overwritten. In this case we want to know what times file was...
Posted By Satyak
Timestamp change for hard and soft links
Hi team, i am writing a purge script to delete softlinks and hardlinks on linux system which are 3/10/30 days old. To test the script i need to create links with old timestamp, i am able to cange...
Posted By Satyak
Hi Dan,here are the details. Input: ...
Hi Dan,here are the details.


CLIENT httpd
HTTPUSERAGENT Jakarta Commons-HttpClient/3.0
Posted By Satyak
sed string with any order
Hi, i have a strange prob. log file contains ip, protocol, user name, agent . these can be in any order. If log contains the above order able to fetch all details but if details are in diff order not...
Posted By Satyak
String search in log file
hi, i have a requirement to search for a sting "/user/data/<7digit>/<temp dir>/<file name>#<unique string> in a log file. This string present number of times but i need to get the first occurence...
Posted By Satyak
sudousers issue
Hi Team, I am running the below command to to run a script but getting the error. Any idea/help.

[root@lpqmsXXXm bin]# su --session-command="/bin/bash /baxis/cunix/ndm/bin/"...
Posted By Satyak
Hi, Our system administrator informed that this...
Hi, Our system administrator informed that this ption can not be disabled due to security issues. Other than disabling 'requiretty' is there anyway to make this command work?
Posted By Satyak
sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo
Hi, Have a need to run the below command as a "karuser" from a java class which will is running as "root" user. When we are trying to run the below command from java code getting the below error.
Forum: Red Hat 06-20-2012
Posted By Satyak
File access time issue
Hi, I am facing a weird file access time issue on redHat5.x. I have a program which will scan the files in the NFS system and delete files which are older than 4 days, before deleting files program...
Posted By Satyak
Hi shailesh, thanks for the reply. I did wirte to...
Hi shailesh, thanks for the reply. I did wirte to temp file but nothing written to log file because the script did not run.
If we are passing parameters to a script in cron do we need to use any...
Posted By Satyak
Crontab entry issue
Hi, I added below entry in crontab. Cron is triggering the script but actual script is not running.

Cron entry: 45 * * * * /data/crons/Purge/ 3 20000 300 > /dev/null 2>&1
Posted By Satyak
Find older files than specified date
Hi, I need to find out list of files which are older than specific date. I am using 'find, and newer' commands but its not giving the correct result.

Can you please help to findout the list of...
Posted By Satyak
how to find whether a script ran or not
Hi, I have written a script and placed in an application and the script can be executed manually only. But somehow one of the method in the script is being called and bringing the application down....
Posted By Satyak
File name on linux system
Hi, One of the customer wants to receive the file with name //CEC821.K003GUK.DOMD(+1) on their linux system. I am using Java application to send the file to remote system, but I am not able to send...
Posted By Satyak
@ character in vi editor
I have received a file from in ASCII format. When I am viewing in the vi editor I could see the content like below

000700006098204 983004100 09910LATINA 09920LT 09930380...
Posted By Satyak
SFTP connection using shell script
Hi ,
I am able to manually connect to remote system usning "sftp" protocol. But when I using the below command in the script but I am not able to connect.

`sftp TEST01@`

And the...
Posted By Satyak
Interrupting script while execution
I have a script "", when the script is running user should not be able to interrupt the script execution.If user tries I need to throw an error.

Please help in this.

Posted By Satyak
check for numbers

I have a requirement to accet only numbers. Piece of code beolow.

waitTime() {
echo "Enter amount of time to wait (in sec)."
read wait_time
sleep $wait_time
Posted By Satyak
check if return value is blank

i am trying to get the no of users using
nofActUsers=$(echo /usr/sbin/lsof -l | grep "/mast/data/users" )

it will return blank, if the user does nto have permissions to run the script....
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