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Posted By joker40
semaphore removal
I have one process which creates semaphore with permission 600. Then at some part of the code I have line where this semaphore will be removed. Problem I have is that other processes in my program...
Posted By joker40
Yes but
Yes i can use sprintf which will return how many bytes storwd in array
But how would i put next string into array. Like what function can i use
Posted By joker40
I want to keep reading input from standard input and keep
putting it in array. For example..... Users types "hi". Now i
store this in array. Then user types "hello" I put this in the
Posted By joker40
lseek() equivalent
I know there is lseek() function that will allow to write or read from certain position in the file. Is there similar function that will let do same but for array rather then file?
Posted By joker40
each process should print its process id ,parent id and child id...i just wanted to check if my semaphores are ok....thats all
Posted By joker40
I am having problem with semaphores. I am trying to protect line where process prints so that every process with print in proper order.This is the code..

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>...
Posted By joker40
key_t type
I would like to print value of key generate like this....

key_t k = ftok(".",'c');
printf("key is %d \n" , k);

Is there other way to print this type. I dont think I am getting right output...
Posted By joker40
pending signals
I was wondering about following. If I have set of 3 signals. And they are all blocked.Now at some point in the program the set is unblocked. Which signal will be delivered first.This is my...
Posted By joker40
Blocking signals
I know how to add signal to a set. But what if I want to add 2 or 3 signals to the set.
I know I can use sigaddset (&set,SIGBUS)....but what if I want to add SIGBUS and SIGALRM at once. Do i have to...
Posted By joker40
perror question
My question was why first time trought the main loop my output gives ...
blocked signal:success and all the other time trought the loop gives illegal seek

The other question was why when program...
Posted By joker40
perror with signals
I have following problem with this code..
First time trough the main loop.....
perror gives ....blocked signal:success(all other times gives illlegal seek)
Should every time trought the main loop...
Posted By joker40
Trying to block signal
I have this code that doesnt do what it is suppose to do. It should block signal that I send while process is running. I press control+z while this process is running and it should be blocked but it...
Posted By joker40
In your third step you said "Blocking every signal in the set, i.e. adding SIGILL to the set of blocked signals".
Didn't we add SIGILL in previous step?If the set is empty then we only blocking...
Posted By joker40
Help understanding signals
I am having trouble with folowing

sigset_t s; // now s represents set of signals
sigemptyset(&s) ; // initialize this set and exclude all the signals from it empty?...
Posted By joker40
kill -l
actually running kill -l shows that 3) SIGQUIT is there.
I wanted to somehow print signals from my source code not from shell prompt
Posted By joker40
Code snippet for signals
Hi. This is code snipped I have. I am trying to play with signals...

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {

int i;
sigset_t s; //declare set of signals
sigfillset(&s); //initializes the...
Posted By joker40
Hi, I just fixed it. I enabled userdir module...
I just fixed it. I enabled userdir module in apache and i gave user permission on public_html directory
Posted By joker40
This is....
Hi. Thanks for replying. I have installed Debian just to play and learn about linux. My goal is to lean how to create users on linux and how to admin them. I didnt do anything more about users but...
Posted By joker40
problem i am having
Problem I am having is this.....
When user tries to access his page it gets 404 error.
I think there is problem with permissions for particular user
Posted By joker40
Debian os
I am running debian flavour of linux and apache http server
I just want to practice on how to acount for user and want that
user to be able to create web page is he wants to.
Posted By joker40
Granting user permission for public_html
I have problem giving user access to his public_html directory.
While when I am logged as root I can access my files by going to file.html is actually on this...
Posted By joker40
forking problem
this was my first try with forking....

for (i=1;i<3;i++)

fprintf("Print processid%d parentid%d childid%d" ,...
Posted By joker40
wait() function...
when wait() is called by process it blocks calling process until child is done. What happens if calling process have multiple children.
What does wait(NULL) function do. Waits until all children...
Posted By joker40
isnt printf....
It looks to me like process 2 printed...Then process 3 was about to print but his time was taken away and given back to the shell(you can see shell prompt in second code example) then time was given...
Posted By joker40
It will but only once. After it forks it goes
to break. Then it comes out of loop and prints
and dies
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