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man cp # cp -Rp {olddir} {newdir} ...
man cp

# cp -Rp {olddir} {newdir}

This will copy all files and folders under {olddir}

-R = Recursive
-p = Preserve ownership (you probably want that too)
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sed 's/ *| */,/g' file or a shortened...
sed 's/ *| */,/g' file

or a shortened version of bartus11's

perl -pe 's/ *\| */,/g' file
Posted By Ikon
w -uh | grep -om 3 '^\S*'
w -uh | grep -om 3 '^\S*'
Posted By Ikon
w -sh | awk 'NR < 3 { print $1 }'
w -sh | awk 'NR < 3 { print $1 }'
Posted By Ikon
a="a1;b1;c1;d11;e1"; echo $1 | sed...
a="a1;b1;c1;d11;e1"; echo $1 | sed 's/[a-z0-9]*;/;/4'
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Try this: awk '!/\.$/{sub(/$/,...
Try this:

awk '!/\.$/{sub(/$/, ".")};{print}' myfile.txt

Hmm, didnt see the comma, sorry.

This works..

awk 'sub(/,$/, "") || !/\.$/{sub(/$/, ".")};{print}' myfile.txt
Forum: HP-UX 07-23-2010
Posted By Ikon
According to: Authentication refused: bad...
According to: Authentication refused: bad ownership or modes for directory /home

this is where your problem is, it gives that error when the permissions of home are to relaxed. Set it to what I...
Posted By Ikon
Hope this is not a class assignment. This is...
Hope this is not a class assignment.

This is not 100% but you should be able to figure out the fix.

awk '{ if(($2 > 0) && ($2 < 5)) { print $1" "$2}}' yourdatafile.txt
Posted By Ikon
I think if you restart syslog it will start...
I think if you restart syslog it will start working.

On my CentOS the command is:

# service syslog restart

Dont know what system you are using.
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