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Measurement file parsing
I have an application performance measurement file with one thousand lines. Each line has some text indicating type of measurement and the last field containing the measured value. Each of the file...
Posted By yoda9691
Parsing and filtering multiline text into comma separated line
I have a log file that contains several reports with following format.
<Start of delimiter> Report1 header
Report1 header continue
Report1 header continue

Record1 header
Posted By yoda9691
Logs are generated by an application. I think...
Logs are generated by an application. I think application uses logpipe mechanism. Yes they are all located in a specific path and path is specific to application.
They all follow a naming convention...
Posted By yoda9691
Continuous log file transfer to remote server
I have several production servers and 1 offline server. Production server continuously generates new log files for my application. Depending on time of day new files may be generated every few...
Posted By yoda9691
fgrep - printing pattern and filename

I have a patternfile with following pattern

Let's say I have thousand files

Each pattern can occur multiple times...
Forum: HP-UX 10-21-2009
Posted By yoda9691
ssh session getting hung (smilar to hpux telnet session is getting hung after about 15 minutes)
Our network administrators implemented some sort of check to kill idle sessions and now burden is on us to run some sort of keep alive. Client based keep alive doesn't do a very good job. I have same...
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