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Forum: AIX 12-12-2006
Posted By Docboyeee
Multiple LAN Interfaces
Is there a way to add routes using the add route command in AIX to add different routes and bind them to different NICS installed in the box?
Posted By Docboyeee
Shell script
I need some help with creating shell scripts that when run, will prompt the user to input a beginning and ending date and then be able to read that input and set a date variable within my scripts. ...
Posted By Docboyeee
Thank you so much!!! That works great!
Posted By Docboyeee
Sed Question Can anyone please help?
I am trying to see if anyone knows of a SED command that will place a ' at the beginning AND end of a line of text.

For example:

Apple 'Apple'
Orange ...
Forum: SCO 08-21-2005
Posted By Docboyeee
Sco Openserver 5 doesn't run on RISC hardware...
Sco Openserver 5 doesn't run on RISC hardware platform. It will run on Intel/AMD platform.
Forum: SCO 05-29-2005
Posted By Docboyeee
You may want to explore installing SAMBA on your...
You may want to explore installing SAMBA on your SCO Openserver platform. It's readily available and fairly easy to install and configure.
Posted By Docboyeee
I really need some help with SED
I am trying to read and use SED more. I even purchaed the sed & awk book from O'REILLY.

I have a file of data where I have some of the following examples of data:

Posted By Docboyeee
sed question
Does anyone know a easy way to edit a file to place a - (dash) in a specific column for every line of data that is in the file?

For example:

I have a file and I want to edit the file and...
Forum: AIX 02-02-2005
Posted By Docboyeee
Ghost Users
I am having a problem that I cannot figure out. RS6000 server running AIX 5.2. Users connect via TCP/IP and login and work just fine. When the user logs out of the application, I can run the "who"...
Posted By Docboyeee
How do I find route table information
I am trying to install a new AIX server and I am migrating off of an older AIX server. Does anyone have a quick and easy method for getting the static route information from the old server so I can...
Forum: SCO 12-27-2004
Posted By Docboyeee
I deal with these sorts of coversions all the time. I sell Medical Practice Management Software so I am often converting data from one system to another. It might be necessary for you to create a...
Forum: SCO 12-14-2004
Posted By Docboyeee
There should be nothing unusal about installing...
There should be nothing unusal about installing Informix SE on a SCO 5.0.6 server. SE uses a cooked filesystem instead of the raw filesystem the Informix online engine uses.

Just follow the...
Posted By Docboyeee
Help with a sed command
I need help with a SED command that will perform a translation for me.

I have a file that has 1000's of lines where I need something changed. The beginning of each line that needs to be changed...
Forum: IP Networking 04-22-2003
Posted By Docboyeee
We have an RS6000 server running AIX. We currently have approximatly 80 workstations connected via TCP/IP and approximately 40 printers connected via TCP/IP. For some reason, on occasion, all the...
Posted By Docboyeee
SCO Openserver has a feature that can be used to...
SCO Openserver has a feature that can be used to "fix" the permissions of the system related files. The program is called 'fixmog' . Log in as root and locate fixmog and run it. It should set...
Posted By Docboyeee
bellmail: lockf(/usr/spool/mail/uucp): permission denied
I keep getting the following errors and I don't know where to look to resolve the problem. Any ideas?

bellmail: lockf(/usr/spool/mail/uucp): permission denied
Forum: IP Networking 02-24-2003
Posted By Docboyeee
All tcp/ip users are logged out
I have an RS6000 server running AIX and on occasion all users are logged out of the server "connection closed by foreign host" is the error message. Normally a user can press enter and get a Login...
Posted By Docboyeee
User login session
Having a problem on AIX 4.3.3 with the following error when more than 2 users try and sign onto the server.

3004-312 All available login sessions are in use.

Posted By Docboyeee
There is a recursive option for ftp ???
There is a recursive option for ftp ???
Posted By Docboyeee
Copying files between 2 Unix server
Is there a simple way to copy data from one server to a different server?

Seems that if 2 servers are on the same network, there should be a simple way to copy between the two.

Not just one...
Forum: IP Networking 11-08-2002
Posted By Docboyeee
Adding Route in AIX
I need some help in adding a route for a new AIX RS6000 server. I have copied and pasted the route information from an existing server. The IP address of the server listed below is ...
Forum: IP Networking 11-04-2002
Posted By Docboyeee
I have no idea what you are talking about. We...
I have no idea what you are talking about. We have never had to perform any function on the workstation that connect via TCP/IP other than configure the terminal emulation software that we use. It...
Forum: IP Networking 11-04-2002
Posted By Docboyeee
IBM-AIX and TCP/IP Problem
I am having a problem and I feel it's network related. I have an RS6000 running AIX. I use a terminal emulation program that allows me to connect to my server via TCP/IP. When I try and make the...
Posted By Docboyeee
AIX Installation
I am in need some some simple... straight forward instructions for creating file systems on AIX.

I have a raid controller and 4 18.2gb Hot Swap SCSI drives.

I am sooooo confused about Volume...
Forum: IP Networking 10-07-2002
Posted By Docboyeee
Cannot Resolve Host Name
I am running LexMark MarkNetPro-3 print servers on my AIX network. All of the sudden, none of my printers will print anymore. I am getting an error message on the console:

Unable to resolve host...
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