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Forum: OS X (Apple) 12-01-2011
Posted By shub22
Read and manage mail under Terminal
When opening Terminal window under Mac OS Lion, I have a message saying I've got mail . It seems to be somewhere close to ~/Library/Server/Mail/Data/spool/ but I ignore what command to be typed in...
Forum: OS X (Apple) 11-06-2011
Posted By shub22
I downloaded gdb version 7.3.1 , (Xcode including...
I downloaded gdb version 7.3.1 , (Xcode including make, gdb osascript and others seem to be a free download, check on AppStore) and pre-installed version with Xcode is GNU gdb 6.3.50 so I need to...
Posted By shub22
I tried this: MacBook-Pro-de-Stephane:>~...
I tried this:

MacBook-Pro-de-Stephane:>~ [326]$ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer: name =...
Posted By shub22
Yes , I tried this and also $nslookup...
Yes , I tried this and also


but does not look better. I think there is a problem at server's place if neither ftp command nor nslookup work? Am I right ?
Posted By shub22
Connecting through ftp command
I have a general problem of connection to my site 'noos'.

My server's ftp name is '' and login is 'stehub', according to my hotline. I just need to fill the field Password to be...
Posted By shub22
Unexpected EOF in .profile
When opening a new window under Terminal, got that message:

Last login: Sun Oct 30 10:35:12 on ttys000
-bash: /Users/MyName/.profile: line 47: syntax error: unexpected end of file

I tried...
Forum: OS X (Apple) 10-29-2011
Posted By shub22
How should I install 'make' compiler ?
I need too install GDB in order to debug a program.

I need to install GDB through the UNIX command 'make install'. I downloaded a full directory of hundreds of files allowing to get a gdb...
Forum: OS X (Apple) 10-28-2011
Posted By shub22
Where should I install an alias file under UNIX bash ?
I have a file named 'aliases' which contains a list of aliases like:

alias loc='locate'
alias h='history'
alias .='pwd'
alias ..='cd ..'
alias cd..='cd .. ; pwd'...
Forum: OS X (Apple) 10-26-2011
Posted By shub22
Suddenly it works . Thanks! :b: You know the...
Suddenly it works . Thanks! :b:
You know the equivalent of old UNIX command osascript in order to run a script under UNIX ?
Does not seem to exist anymore under Lion ...
Forum: OS X (Apple) 10-26-2011
Posted By shub22
Thanks. Beep signal is activated under...
Thanks. Beep signal is activated under preferences of Terminal. But there is another problem, unfortunately !
When typing:

afplay /Users/stephane/Library/Audio/Sounds/Alerts/bigben.mp3

I get...
Forum: OS X (Apple) 10-24-2011
Posted By shub22
Sound under OS 10.4.11 and 10.7.2
There is a change with UnIX version concerning these two platforms. I own a Power G4 Mac with OS 10.4.11 and a Mac Book Pro with Lion OS 10.7.2. There are some problems of compatibilities between...
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