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Posted By Paras Pandey
Installation of virt-manager while yum update and yum install rhvm does not work
I have downloaded RHEV-H 4.2 Red Hat Virtualization - Red Hat Customer Portal ( (RHVirtualization 4.2 Host and Manager iso). I...
Posted By Paras Pandey
Virsh edit xml changes are lost
Using 'virsh edit ' command I tried to edit the xml file for a specific guest . I wanted to add serial ttyS0 for the guest machine, but I found that after using virsh edit then inserted below lines...
Posted By Paras Pandey
it`s not systemd , it`s upstart and it`s RH6.3...
it`s not systemd , it`s upstart and it`s RH6.3 version.
Posted By Paras Pandey
Long time to boot RHEV guest Linux VM.
Trying to investigate on long boot time of a linux guest in RHEV Host.

Before executing init 6/reboot command , I noticed the time of shutdown and also recorded the time after boot .

It takes...
Posted By Paras Pandey
Thanks Neo. Also wanted to tell that I downloaded...
Thanks Neo. Also wanted to tell that I downloaded libvirt xml for the guest to see number of queues and number of vcpus , I read in some posts that number of vcpus should be made equal to the number...
Posted By Paras Pandey
In KVM how to disable console ttyS0 from the virt xml file
I got an issue in a RH6.3 VM host , the issue is ttyS0 is always respawning and piling up /var/log/messages with errors.The customer is OK to have tty0 as the serial terminal but ttyS0 needs to be...
Posted By Paras Pandey
Multi-Queue virtio-net Functionality in Linux
It seems that multi queue virtio functionality is enabled in the Redhat System being used, but I need to confirm if this functionality is working appropriately:

Posted By Paras Pandey
Redhat Virtualization EN error : InitLogger main process terminated with status 1
My server has /var/log/messages with 'init: initLogger main process (608798) terminated with status 1' errors. I researched about the error and also followed the steps from stackexchange :
Posted By Paras Pandey
Concatenate and sort to remove duplicates
Following is the input. 1st and 3rd block are same(block starts here with '*' and ends before blank line) , 2nd and 4th blocks are also the same:

cat <file>
* Wed Feb 24 2016 Tariq Saeed...
Posted By Paras Pandey
Replace string of a file with a string of another file for matches using grep,sed,awk
I have a file comp.pkglist which mention package version and release . In 'version change' and 'release change' line there are two versions 'old' and 'new' Version Change: --> Release Change: -->
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