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Forum: AIX 03-30-2009
Posted By rrlog
Hello michael, Did you checked free space...
Hello michael,

Did you checked free space available in in the vg?

"lsvg rootvg" and check for free PPs....
If free PPs are available you can extend those Filesystems online...
Posted By rrlog
Hello Srimitta, You can use the same script...
Hello Srimitta,

You can use the same script given by bacunin and replace the line

" newfile="$( print - $oldfile | tr -d ' ')" as

" newfile="$( print - $oldfile | tr -d ' '| tr -d ''')" "
Forum: AIX 01-15-2008
Posted By rrlog
CRON problem
Hi all,

I am facing a problem in cron.following are i found and i cant able to find where the problem is exactly......

1> in cron log(/var/adm/cron/log) i found that the cron start my process...
Forum: AIX 09-17-2007
Posted By rrlog
thanks for your response. my problem gets...
thanks for your response.

my problem gets resolved after removing /etc/resolv.conf file....
Forum: AIX 09-13-2007
Posted By rrlog
telnet problem
hi all,

i have a problem in telnet.when i am using telnet to my new aix server it takes about 5min to open.
can any one tell what i have to do.????
Forum: AIX 09-05-2007
Posted By rrlog
mksysb backup
hi guys,

i just want to take my server's mksysb backup through dvd-rom.but am having the doubt that, while am taking the mksysb backup in image it shows 8GB. So can i confirm that it takes 2 dvds...
Forum: HP-UX 08-12-2007
Posted By rrlog
error occurs while some users login
hi all,
i have a problem that while some of the users trying to login the following error occurs and the session is automatically closed.

ssl error: RAND_status reported there wasn't enough...
Forum: Linux 08-08-2007
Posted By rrlog
memory calculation
hi all,

sorry for silly question.
but i have a doubt in calculation of memory utilization calculation.

using 'free' command we calculate the memory utilization as

but my...
Forum: AIX 07-23-2007
Posted By rrlog
i seen the page. but still im in cofusion......
i seen the page.

but still im in cofusion...

On the ASMI Welcome pane, specify your user ID and password, and click Log In. 2. In the navigation area, expand System Configuration and Service...
Forum: Linux 07-23-2007
Posted By rrlog
dmesg error
hi all,

this is my permenent to clear this error permenently...
please help me out. here is my error output.

please tell me clearly as i am very new to Linux(beginner)

Forum: AIX 07-21-2007
Posted By rrlog
alert signal in panel
hi experts,

In my AIX p-series server, in the panel board, i saw the attention singal is glowing.....
i dont know how to clear this from console/remotly.....

please help me out.

Forum: AIX 07-16-2007
Posted By rrlog
Porblem with errorlog
hi all,

i am facing a problem that my error log was empty(0 byte).
i dont whether threr is any mistake or my server working that much nicly......
please find some output down.

# errpt...
Forum: Red Hat 07-08-2007
Posted By rrlog
sorry i cant get you...
sorry i cant get you...
Forum: Linux 07-08-2007
Posted By rrlog
swapspace utilization.....
i just want to know that is the swapspace utilization is starts, after full utilization of memory space(ie., 100% utilization of memory)????

because i am facing the problem that swapspace...
Forum: Red Hat 07-07-2007
Posted By rrlog
i have monitered through "free" command
i have monitered through "free" command
Forum: Red Hat 07-07-2007
Posted By rrlog
swapspace problem
hi all,

i am facing a problem that even memory utilization is 99% the swapspace utilization is 0%...
idont know why it happens.
i am trying to give swapon <swap device file name>
but the reply...
Forum: HP-UX 07-01-2007
Posted By rrlog
whats diff. B/W /etc/checklist & /etc/fstabs
hi all,

I juz want to know y tr r 2 files of same content present...

is tr any sp. reason s der. b/w /etc/checklist & /etc/fstab
Forum: AIX 06-26-2007
Posted By rrlog
do u know wat it ll cause?
hi all,

if the error log was fully touched(made it to zero byte)
then wat ll happen?????

is the new error log ll printed here?????
I think it may not.....
please share your...
Forum: AIX 06-25-2007
Posted By rrlog
y bin while ftp???
gud afternoon 2 all....

while ftp wat s d use of getting into binary mode......

i need briefly..
can any one help me out????
Forum: HP-UX 06-25-2007
Posted By rrlog
command reference sheet reqd.
hi everybody,

i m AIX guy....
due 2 some reason i was also askd 2 work in HP-UX

so i think all d concepts r same as AIX....
so i thought it s easy to learn by comparitve study....

if so ...
Forum: AIX 06-25-2007
Posted By rrlog
srry, still im not clear, where i hav 2...

still im not clear,
where i hav 2 specify these things??????
Forum: AIX 06-24-2007
Posted By rrlog
edit env. setting
hi eveybody,

i m trying to set acl using acledit command in AIX box
but wat im gettung is

3002-100 acledit: EDITOR environment variable not set

can anyone help me out how 2 set...
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