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What version of wget do you have? Mine is the...
What version of wget do you have? Mine is the latest and greatest compiled from
the source code. That code above won't work. Where is the variable for user and
formatted mail address? You also...
Posted By gdotoli
I solved the problem. I am using wget (gnu) in a...
I solved the problem. I am using wget (gnu) in a while read loop. wget has the ability to authenticate without using another Unix command, it is built in. So everything works fine and is much...
Posted By gdotoli
Too many hosts for a .netrc
I already have the IP list, it's a huge amount of work and not very efficient to create a .netrc file. Is anyone out there good with the syntax of the HERE document? It's just a matter of syntax. The...
Posted By gdotoli
FTP Script
#!/bin/bash -vx
while read g
echo $g
ftp -i $g<<++EOT++
user ftp
lcd c:\investigate
mget *.*
done < ftphosts.txt

The file ftphosts is...
Posted By gdotoli
What is the here function?
Thank you for your help, but if you don't know what here is, you can't be
of help. I think it may not be such a challange for another.

Thank you.
Posted By gdotoli
Thank you for coding tips but the problem wasn't adressed
Thank you for the security advice, but the cat worked.
It is the FTP here syntax I needed help with.

Does anyone see the problem with this here syntax?

Thank you.
Gregg Dotoli
Posted By gdotoli
Help Simple FTP Script Here Syntax
I have a list of IP address and want to be assess whether FTP is allowing
FTP access. I don't want to use lousy NT shell, but cannot get the syntax down on this. ftphosts.txt is a simple list of IP...
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