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Posted By punitpa
thnx man
thnx man
Posted By punitpa
find / -type f -name "${INPUT}" -print

above command takes a long time to search and prints every thing (can not find .... results also )
here i need to find the only one successfull result
Posted By punitpa
store the output of "find" command in a variable?
I intend to find the path/full location of a file(filename given by user thru "read filenme") using "find" or any other command and then store it's output in a variable for some other processing.
Posted By punitpa
writing data in a text file at particular line
I need to write value of variable $version at a particular line in a text file.
Line number is determined by another variable &line......I don't know how to do it in shell script ...
Posted By punitpa
thanks zaxxon...
thanks zaxxon (
Posted By punitpa
Problem with uuencode
i used below code to attach a file but it's not attaching the file but sendinf a simple mail

uuencode ${discord_file} mail_list.txt | mailx -s "TEST MAIL"
Posted By punitpa
mailing a data from ksh
I need to send below email from ksh
Subject:- Action Required

Email Body:-
Please do this activity $variable
But the problem is while...
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